Friday, July 22, 2016

Back again

Heyyyyyy, goshh it sure has been a while since my last post.

I've been pretty busy and lazy this past couple of months but I'm on my semester break now and I vow to spend time writing good contents in my blog.

I'll be 22 in a few months from now, though I can't say I've learnt everything in life but I've certainly known more than how much I knew back then. And I'm sure I will keep learning on my path as I grow older and wiser. So I was thinking maybe I could share my journey and the things that I've learnt along the way with you readers :)

They say the good way to learn is from failure but I think the best way to learn is from failure of others. So I'll be back again real soon with useful inputs and of course since its my personal blog I will still update my personal stories here.

Catch y'all real soon ;)

P/s results will be out starting from this coming Monday. Which is like 2 days from today. Great.