Friday, March 4, 2016

Hey yaaaalllss

Semester 4 has begun!

Oh my God, busy busy start of the sem. I feel like I've done a lot this semester though I'm currently just at the end of second week. For starters, course registration was a headache on its own. It seemed impossible to come up with a schedule for the semester. It's either the classes that I want are full, the classes that are not full have tutorial that's overlapping with other subjects, us being all picky about everything. Oh I tell you, that's how difficult it is to align everyone's life to one another.

How glad I am to be done with that whole process. Pheww.

And then there's my upcoming college project. At one point I find myself holding 2 positions at once; secretary and treasurer. HOW CAN?! So you can just imagine how hectic that is eh? Yap. Exactly.

On top of that, I'm also leading a department for the final semester of my term. Lucky me I've got a great team that's super efficient and productive. Nonetheless, there's a lot of meet ups that I have to attend to and people that I had to deal with just in this 2 weeks. 

Not to mention the subjects that I'm taking this semester. Oh, I'm feeling the pressure now. Everything's getting tougher. There's heck a lot of reading to be done (considering my poor level of general knowledge) but there's not much time on my hands. Oh dear, I've got to be proactive this semester and spend my time wisely.

We'll see...

Oh and just to update on my new year's resolution, I've been on a rice-free low carb diet for 13 days now + workouts + walking long distances daily and I've lost a couple of kilos! I'm aiming to lose 10 kilos. Haha, Oh well, you know what they say, aim for the moon, even if you fall you'll land among the stars :D