Friday, February 12, 2016

WSM '15

Yeah, I'm surprised myself that I actually went for it.

I went to accompany this little one.

And I just sat behind, away from the big crowd and watched everything through a big screen. So it was pretty much like watching the concert from home hahaha.

Random fact: I do not like to be in a huge crowd. I want my personal space.

My dad was with us too because he was so worried of our safety. Thanks dad! You're the best ;')

Overall, I enjoyed the music. The performers were great. Everyone was super energetic. But like I said, I would've enjoyed it the same way if I were to watch it from the screen of my tv in my living room. But I'm glad my sister had fun :D

P/s the queue to enter was super long (endless I tell ya) so if anyone's planning to go next year, do yourself a huge favor by arriving early.