Monday, February 1, 2016

Throwback weddings

Since the last time I updated my blog, I've attended several weddings; some of families, relatives and some of friends. So here goes. Mind you, some are a major throwback. Forgive my extreme delay xB

We are around the same age but those two are my aunts! :D Haha so I get to call them aunty and make them feel old muahaha.

The theme was actually nude color but do excuse my green/white/grey attire. Bad guest.

Elvi's sister's wedding! Thank you so much for having us! Ramai gila orang weh, meriah :D Plus dapat catch up dengan form 6 friends, 'twas indeed a good night.

Si cantik Pija.

Saranghae Razny~


Izzat the bassist.

Pelamin lawa gila okayyy

My girls :)

And most recently, a relative's wedding. They had this awesome photo booth with props (light saber and all) so how can we not? Haha. Cheers to the newlyweds!

So yeah. I think there's definitely more weddings that I've attended but probably I didn't took any photos of. Oh well. Looking forward for more weddings this year? Hahaha. Okay good luck semua. Pasti semua kelam kabut mencari jodoh.

Chill okay sis?