Monday, February 1, 2016




My roommates!

Now don't be fooled by their beauty. They're actually not human :p

Mora . Kak Fasya . Syaza

Econs . Accounts . Biotech

Forever single . Taken . Recently became single.


Ni time Minggu Keluarga Bestari. Yg buat duckface tu paling excited okayss. Maklumlah dah final year, feeling2 nak keluar UM dah kan. Takpe, kita faham.

Fourth year . Second year . Second year

First time bilik dgn senior. Mula2 rasa macam hmmmm mesti nanti segan2, 24 jam kena sopan santun. Mmmpphh sekaliiii hambik, sama2 gila2. Malah yg senior lagi gila kah XD Ala, senior pun beza setahun je umur -..- Sorang lagi muda setahun, mmg bebudak habis. Kuat study level dewa MasyaAllah. Rasa insecure tengok dia study hari2 haihh.

Takpe, motivation!

So one random fine day, right after my class ended they picked me up to go "jogging" at Tasik Varsiti.

My reaction was like, "Whaaatttt?! But I'm wearing jeans."

So we ended up having a mini picnic :D Hahaha the contrast though; losing weight to gaining weight.

Lantak lah.

Mana yg itik tak tau lah.

Having a pretty serious discussion there about the duck's habitat and behavior.

Ratu posing.

The night where we finally went out together for dinner. Usually it would just be any two of us because of the transport constrain but that night we decided that we just had to.

Sama2 food hunter jyeahh~

Since this post is all about my roommates, I figured I might as well show you guys a pic of my study table in college :D Had a little obsession with watermelons hence the decoration haha. Nothing fancy but for a lazyhead like myself, I'm pretty impressed! Haha.

Okay so that's about it for this post.

P/s result katanya keluar esok sooooooo okay *pengsan*.