Friday, February 19, 2016

Our Skytrex Adventure!

So right the next day after our finals exam ended, some of my coursemates and I went to Skytrex in Bukit Cherakah, Shah Alam. Konon2 nak release tension la lepas exam tapi bila dkt atas pokok tu rasa makin tension pulak. Haha xD

So let me give you guys some insights or you can say, tips from our personal experience there.

First of all, be there on time. If you book the place for 9am then be there 30 minutes earlier because they need to brief and put all the gears on you. We were late because we traveled that morning itself all the way from uni and it was a weekday. Hence the bad traffic congestion. It's important to respect their schedule as well because there's probably other customers after your session. Lesson learnt.

Second tips, it's best to bring your own everything; gloves (a specific type of glove, we borrowed PALAPES' gloves haha thanks guys), bottle holder (with handle) and whatever holder else that you might need (for your camera/phone etc) because if you don't, they're gonna either make you buy theirs or borrow from them in which they'll ask for quite a high deposit. So if you don't wanna go through all the troubles better bring your own.

Third tips, clear your bladder before beginning the adventure because there's obviously no toilets on top of the trees xD Its gonna take at least 2-3 hours so better be prepared. Not to worry, they have a toilet near the starting point (close to the #Skytrex board). And in case you're wondering where to put your bags and stuff, fret not, they provide lockers of various sizes and prices as well to store your valuables ;p  

After filling in a form (in case of emergency) you'll be geared up by the staff. You can either let them put it on for you or you can try to put it on yourself but make sure to have the staff check on it whether you're wearing it right or not. But if it's your first time, just let them help you with it because trust me I was pretty confused trying to figure it out. Oh and if you wear glasses like me, make sure its tightly secured on your face because if it fell while doing the activity, they might or might not help you find it haha. Or you can tie a string at the handle of your spectacles to secure it around your neck in case it drops from your face.

You will be briefed on how to use the gears on you. Listen to the briefing clearly and ask if you don't understand something because there are trees that won't be accompanied by their staff so if you don't know what to do, you're done. Haha. Once the briefing is done, they'll let you try the mini trial track consisting of climbing a tree, a tree to tree challenge and a flying fox. So if there's something you don't understand, do ask for confirmation. Now you're ready to go! :D

Initially I wanted to go for the Big Thrill (intermediate level) but majority picked Extreme Challenge (Advanced Level) so all of us had to go with it. 3 hours of going from tree to tree. Ohmaiii. Bukan apa yang lama, preparation, briefing and tunggu turn tu yg lama. Tapi memang penat gilos. The minimum height for this challenge is 1.4m. Even far exceeding the required height, I still find it very challenging to go through some courses. So you can just imagine how my friend who was 1.44m struggled. So I recommend that you be at least 1.5m or 1.4m but weighs nothing. Haha.

The challenge starts with us having to climb a very very very tall tree. Maigod, belum apa2 dah pancit okay. Panjat separuh, rehat jap ambik nafas, sambung panjat lagi. Untuk myself yg tak gayat ni pun I had to remind myself not to look down because it was indeed very high up. Once you reach the top, you'll go right for the flying fox. Masa first nak lompat tu whoaaa nervous jugak la tapi lantakkan aje lah takkan nak give up, baru start kan.

So lepas tu macam2 lagi lah challenge ada. You have to hook and unhook yourself to the cables on every challenges on your own. So you better do it right. 3 hours later habislah jugak the whole thing. Fiuhh penat. It was as if I could feel my fats burning and melting off my body haha. Tapi lepas tu lunch kemain lagi. Hampeh.

Not all of my friends managed to finish off the course because they were super afraid of heights but I have to applaud them anyway for taking up the challenge (Y) Good job!

I managed to finish the course till the very end *pats self on the back*. Well done. Super exhausted but it felt good though. I've conquered the Skytrex Extreme Challenge! Woohooo :D

My passengers of the day :D

Our ride to the Skyrex base.

Here's some of the challenges:


Poses before leaving Bukit Cherakah.

We then went to the Shah Alam SSAAS Mosque to perform our prayers.

Our German friend, Laura was super excited to see the mosque and we brought her to join a tour around the mosque.

We then headed for ABC! It was Laura's first time and she was amazed at how fancy it was haha xD

All in all, it was a great experience and a fun first outing with my coursemates. Hope we'll get more chances to do stuff like this this upcoming semester! :D

P/s woke up the next day with aches all over my body. I literally had to roll out of bed. The pain is real.
Pp/s nampak sangat jarang exercise.