Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Of food and good times!

Hang outs!

Look at that work of art.
Lunch with this bunch!
Lads & Lassies. Pretty cozy environment. Efficient service, friendly waiters and good food. What else would you need?
Dinner @ Chemistry Lab + Cafe with le familia :) 
This particular meal was bomb. The salmon meal would have been a lot nicer if the fish was de-boned. They offer tons of drinks here, all so tempting but I went with the one with Kinder Bueno in it yummsss!
Belanja adik makan. Can you guys imagine all of this for just the two of us? Hahaha lapar teruk ni.
Treated mum with a scoop of happiness :D
Date of the day
Dessert with akak roommate.
Sangkaya @ Bangsar
Food enthusiasts smile for the camera :D
Tudung pink birthday girl. Thanks sudi di-celebrate-kan haha. Prank nak ignore sehari gagal teruk sebab awok tu ceria sangat tak boleh nak ignore. Mesti nak ketawa.
Their crepe cakes are bomb, believe me.
@ Glass House Cafe, MAHSA.
Tengok, susah betul nak dapat gambar decent.
Featuring t-shirt PEKUMA haha.
After sitting for our last paper for the semester, we went out on a spontaneous lunch!
This is Kim :) She brought me to this awesome Chinese Muslim restaurant. We had a great talk and sharing session. I think we learnt a lot about each other. Wonderful outing with her, loved it so much!
The food was scrumptious! Ahh, just looking at this photo makes me crave for it.
Kim is an inspiring person I must say. She's so positive and energetic. Just being around her makes me feel great :D
Bought some notebooks at Muji and went craaaaazyy.
Murtabak Maggi Cheese that my group sold during our Entrepreneurship Skills Course. Sold out waaaayy before the intended closing time alhamdulillah.
 Sebulan sekali mesti makan sini because of my monthly doctor's appointment. Part makan best la, part menunggu hmmmm.
IKEA Cafe never disappoints. Good stuff. Especially the cake.
Kelasss dia punya nasi kerabu. Harga pun kelassss gitu hahaha :') Nasib sedap.
Treated me familia to this delicious sea beings.
Tea time @ Melur & Thyme. Smoked salmon pizza. Not bad but kuah kacang? Really? Nak gabung western and Malay cuisine but errr maybe not with pizza.
Fancy restaurant, fancy cutlery, fancy menu, fancy errthangg.
First time makan dekat kolam pancing. Menarik. Sangat menarik. Dan sedap :D Sebab ikan fresh (ntah ye ntah idok. Haha takpelah)
And last but not least, ini dia makanan di saat malas maximum dekat college. Call je, order, sampai. Roti bakar + telur + cheese + hotdog + daging + sauces. Sedap pun sedap, murah pun murah. Settle dinner tak payah keluar.

Alright so that's it for this post. Will definitely post more later. It's 6 pm now, I'm off for an hour of badminton. Later y'all ;)