Friday, February 12, 2016

My New Year's Eve 2015

So my New Year's Eve was spent at a farewell dinner. A very formal one at that. It was a new experience for me, pretty interesting. 31st of December, my dad picked me up directly from the exam hall (I had 2 papers that day OMG), headed home and then straight to the event. It was held at the Palace of the Golden Horses. A very authentic building matched with classy interior. I guess they were going for a country-ish theme (hence the "Horse") with cowboy bar style door and all.

The night was long as the event started in 2015 and ended in 2016 (heheh...okay lameeeee mora) but really, it ended at around 1. You can just imagine I was already sleepy when the event started at 9pm because I slept super late the night before (kantoi study last minute hahaha). My dad caught me dozing off a couple of times haha. It was fun and most importantly I was super full by the end of the night. So basically I ended my 2015 with loads of food. Good end to the year ey? Especially when my new year's resolution is to lose weight hahaha :p

Sent a picture similar to this one to my roommates and they laughed so hard because it's their first time seeing me dressed up all lady-like.

The first thing they asked was "Azam tahun baru ke?"
Kejam T_T support la sis.

I find this so adorable :')


Dad all suited up.

That menu though

Cream of wild mushroom alongside garlic bread

Appetizer of prawns

Yummy salmon

Chicken on mash potato

By the time dessert was served all I could eat was only the fruits and the ice-cream. I was so full I felt like exploding.

Good way to end the year!