Monday, February 1, 2016

2016 resolution-ish

I know I know, I said I was gonna update real soon and I'm only updating after like almost a week and a half after my previous post because guess what? I caught a cold the whole of last week. Hence the delay. As a matter of fact, I still haven't fully recovered from flu and throat inflammation as of now. But it's alright, that ain't stopping me.

Now, I'm not one to ever have/make new year's resolution and whatnot. let alone intend to follow it but I don't know, my resolutions sort of found me instead of the other way around. Haha.

So this year basically, my resolution is to lose weight. HAHA XD Yeah yeah, about time ey? So I've been avoiding all things sugar, drinking plain warm water, cutting on meal portion and eating only once a day. I have also been doing some sports an hour daily. I have no idea how long I'll be able to hold up to this new lifestyle but I'll try. If you happen to be having a meal with me, do watch out for me okay? Help me lose weight T_T

Second resolution is to express myself less. Yes, less. I find it easier this way. To just keep whatever I'm feeling to myself. Why? Well, let's be real now, no one really cares and no one can understand our feelings better than ourselves. So, why bother why bother? *gaya Diva AA*. I'm just gonna smile and wave to the world and pretend its all good :)

Third resolution would be to focus on developing myself holistically, to try to participate in various activities that will give me vast experiences and knowledge. Out of classroom learning basically. I wanna make loads of new friends and reap all I can from the institution (university) because as far as I'm concerned, I'm already halfway through my degree program :O It won't be long before I'm leaving for the outside world. The much crueler and meaner environment with too many hidden agendas and selfishness.

Okay okay. That's enough Mora. Ain't that bad out there.
Or is it?

Time will tell.