Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lunch dates

Met Ben after so long :') Went for lunch with him to catch up and indeed there was lots to talk about!
The first thing he said when he got into my car, "Heyyyy tak fair, you kurus!"
Hahaha and I was like, "Really, Ben? That's the first thing you nak cakap? XD"
"Hahaha. Oh hi Mora!"
Btw Ben, if you're reading, you tak gemuk pun okayyy -.-

We had our lunch at Foodsbury. I had the seafood carbonara. Yummy! And very generous portion as well. Bravo (Y)
And then there's these two. We went to watch Mission Impossible together the other day and later on went for lunch at The Sumbs.

Thank you Filzah siap ambilkan adik kita dari sekolah youalls. Terharu :')

I had their burger. Delicious!

Mandatory pre-lunch photo ;)
Thanks girls :*