Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lunch dates

Met Ben after so long :') Went for lunch with him to catch up and indeed there was lots to talk about!
The first thing he said when he got into my car, "Heyyyy tak fair, you kurus!"
Hahaha and I was like, "Really, Ben? That's the first thing you nak cakap? XD"
"Hahaha. Oh hi Mora!"
Btw Ben, if you're reading, you tak gemuk pun okayyy -.-

We had our lunch at Foodsbury. I had the seafood carbonara. Yummy! And very generous portion as well. Bravo (Y)
And then there's these two. We went to watch Mission Impossible together the other day and later on went for lunch at The Sumbs.

Thank you Filzah siap ambilkan adik kita dari sekolah youalls. Terharu :')

I had their burger. Delicious!

Mandatory pre-lunch photo ;)
Thanks girls :*

3rd APA

Okay so a week after Eid, I was involved as a volunteer in a conference organized by my faculty. It was an international conference under the Asian Population Association held in Berjaya Times Square Hotel, KL. It was called the 3rd APA Conference. The 1st one was held in India if I'm not mistaken and the 2nd one was held in Bangkok, Thailand.
Our faculty was very fortunate to have been given the honour to organize such a big event. And we, the volunteers were very lucky that we could be a part of it!
So basically, there's around 30+ of us (the volunteers which consists of students of FEA) and we were assigned to different sets of tasks throughout the 4 days of conference. Among the tasks were being in-charge of the Bronx presentation rooms, internet cafe, registration counters, secretariat room, t-shirt selling, poster room, Manhattan lunch rooms aside from the common duties such as answering inquiries, giving directions, runners and other spontaneous jobs.
The conference, by the name itself revolves around population studies i.e migration, birth, death, marriage, divorce, fertility etc; and its causes and effects (health, poverty, education, preferences, facilities etc). Some of which I understood and some of which I have no clue whatsoever. They were talking statistics and calculations and research methodology and I was there like whaaaaattt?
But most importantly, I learnt a lot from the event. I learned teamwork, friendship, good management, gained valuable experiences, met intelligent and influential people from all around the world, communication skills, problem-solving skills, networking skills, knowledge and exposure on population studies and on top of all of that, I HAD FUN! :D
So here's some photos :)
A day before the conference. Waiting for the bus to bring us there from UM~

Muka masing2 fresh lagi :p

Setup day! I was placed in the registration team so we were all learning and figuring out the system together >.<

Belum ada actual work this day. We were just here to bring in the things from our fac and help setup for the real deal tomorrow.

The first day of conference! We were all set up and ready to serve at the registration counter :D

This is Wanie, my roommate throughout the conference week.

In the evening, a few other volunteers and myself were assigned as VIP & VVIP ushers for the opening ceremony dinner. Changed into our baju kurung and all set up at the VIP registration table in front of the ballroom.

It started as very chaotic for us ushers but as the night progresses it all went well. The performances were great and everyone seemed to be having lots of fun.

Keng Xin and CK

The ushers! :D

There's a story behind the weird pose haha :p

2nd day! With Ah Poon.

We just had to take a picture with our senior, Yi Peng whose leaving for exchange programme next semester. Good luck!

Look how petite she is!

Poster room.

I went to briefly read through all the posters here and decided to snap a selfie :3
3rd day, still standing strong :D

The booklet and my view from the registration counter.

It's not everyday that you get to pray overlooking the KL Tower ey? ;)

One of the posters I read entitled "Why do men and women remain single?"
And it was based on a survey conducted in Malaysia :p
Let me quote the very last sentence in the conclusion:
"That means some of us will be single for a long time, and some of us will be single for life."
Some deep stuff over there guys :'D

Last day yall!

Was very fortunate to get to take a photo with Stuart Basten, an associate professor from the University of Oxford.

He's a cool guy for sure!

Closing ceremony selfie!

Registration team under Dr Tan Pei Pei and Lee Ming and the big boss Dr Tey Nai Peng :D

That's a wrap!
See y'all in campus!

Monday, August 10, 2015


Let me introduce to you guys, my one and only cat, NOMEL :D
Dia ni lah penghibur, punca sakit kepala, penceria suasana, penyebab calar-balar, peneman setia and etcetera.
And yet still, she's my sweetheart :*

Eid 2015

Halu halu you alls!
Dah nak habis Syawal baru menyempat nak update blog.
So raya tahun ni all in all I can say was celebrated in moderation because of various factors. And for the first time ever, our family celebrated the morning of 1st Syawal in our home in Shah Alam! My brother had to work during raya for the past 3 years so this year we thought we might as well raya with him in the morning and later at noon took off for our hometown in Perak.
So that morning after light breakfast we went to perform solat sunat Aidilfitri at the surau in our perumahan. Then balik rumah salam2, sesi memberi dan menerima duit raya, sesi bergambar, sambung makan lagi and around noon bertolak ke kampung.
Pengalaman beraya dkt bandar? Hmm mcm krik krik sikit la sbb takda orang. Tapi best la traffic smooth ;p Apa2 pun, benda paling best is because we get to raya together, the whole family united. Sebelum balik kampung sempat Facetime video call dgn uncle aunty cousins atuk nenek di kampung :')
Raya kedua dan seterusnya busy melayan tetamu. This year tak cukup tenaga kerja di dapur T_T Ada my aunty sorang and myself menggagahkan diri bekerja di dapur during our nenek's open house. Fuyoo memang penat. By the end of the day, tidur lena macam tak nak bangun.
Tapi itulah, raya pertama berbaju kurung, lps tu takda maknanya lagi. Pakai blouse dgn seluar sbb nak menyingsing lengan cuci pinggan. Sedih sikit la tak dapat nak berbual sangat dgn tetamu tapi takpalah. Sis redho.
Here are some pics (first day of raya je ada gambar).
As you can see, this year, similar to most of the previous years, we do not colour-coordinate. Because we're cool like that hehh.

My momma :3

 Still dapat duit raya from them even at this age huhuhu ^_^
Siblings selfie

Ambik view ala2 kampung gitu. Boleh la daripada takda ye dok :D