Monday, July 13, 2015

Social Engagement project

This semester I had a subject called Social Engagement or in Bahasa, Jalinan Masyarakat. It is a compulsory university course which was newly introduced last year which makes us the second batch to be having this course. So basically it has no test or exam whatsoever, we just have to come up with a proposal, complete 36 hours of social engaging, make a report of it and present it to our supervisor. All of those were done as a group (of 20 students), but there was an individual assignment which requires us to set up and update a blog on our project.
The organization that we chose was IQ70Plus, a welfare home for the mentally disabled. If say you would like to read or know more about the home and the activities that I did for my SE course for whatever purpose do check out the blog that I did.