Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pop Band Comp

Somewhere in the middle of the semester I find myself spending hours every other night for at least 2 months in the music room at our college. Guess why?
I was the drummer in the band representing my college for Festival Seni UM (FESENI '14/'15)! It was a horrifying experience, even now it's over I still think so, but at the same time I wouldn't trade the memories for the world.
This was my view every alternate nights.
The music room.
This was the place where I had my audition for the part. This was the place where we had our meetings and brainstorming and discussion and fights and disagreements and great laughter together. Oh it wasn't easy. It was a rough journey. From the very beginning of choosing the songs to perform, to completing the band members, to rearranging the songs, to trying to perfect the whole performance. Oh man, it was some tough stuff. 

And this, was our prelude night. The night where we had to perform in front of the principal, fellows and college mates. Oh and yes, we had to bring all the equipment (including the drum set mind you) from the music room to the hall upstairs. And put everything back where it belonged right after the prelude ended. What a night it was, I slept so well haha.
The prelude was okay, apart from some technical problems, we did as we practised. All I remembered was that I was so glad it was over because only then we get to really focus on the real performance which was a totally different song altogether. 2 songs to be exact.

These lovely ladies came to give their support thank you girls!
And on the real night of the Pop Band Competition, I had like a panic attack. Right before the competition, I had an English test which I couldn't excuse myself from. We (our band that is) were supposed to gather at our college's lobby at 7.30pm, and guess what? I passed up my test paper and left my English class at exactly 7.30pm. I ran as fast as I could from the language faculty, back to my room, took a bath, perform Maghrib prayers, grab my things and reach the lobby at 7.45pm.
Oh my God, I didn't even had time to catch my breath. I was literally gasping for air when I reach there but luckily, the singer took a longer time getting ready so we ended up getting on the van at 8pm. Hahaha, all those rush for nothing, greeeaatt.
Then my mum called and said that she was there with my sister and brother. They came to support me :') At that point I felt a lot better already.

A picture with the bandmates right before the competition began. We were pumped at first but got super nervous as our turn was getting closer.

The venue: Auditorium KPS. Full house that night, some didn't even get to sit.
That was us in action.
Okay so, whenever I got super nervous, I tend to suddenly blanked out. Back stage I was wandering back and forth while listening back to song that we practised and had recorded on my phone. I listened to it repeatedly as I was scared I might forgot everything once I sit behind the drums.
Right before we were called, our lead guitarist scared the heck out of me when he asked, "Eh, macam mana eh part solo aku? Aku lupa doh." Perghhhh time tu MC tgh perkenalkan kitorang kut. Serious tak lawak. But thankfully he got back on track as soon as we walked into the stage.
Oh my God, as I sat behind the drums in the middle of the whole stage, I could almost feel my feet and hands tremble at the sight of the full house audience in front of me. We started with a quick sound check and the crowd went crazy! Ah, wonderful feeling ever :') So before we begin with our performance (which began with the drums), I gathered my courage, inhaled deeply and thought to myself, "I have to do this. I have to KILL it. It's do or die. I wanna make myself and everyone that I represent proud." It's showtime! And then I hit the drums and played till the end.
When I left the stage, many people congratulated me on the good performance but the one that made it all worth it was when my family (mum, sis and brother) said that they were proud of me. I couldn't have felt so good inside as I did at the time :)

Bandmates consisting of various courses of study; tesl, actuary, geology, econs, Islamic studies. All of us with the same passion for music.

Post performance. Happy, satisfied and had so much fun!
Thanks guys for teaching me a lot of new things, for putting up with my amateur-ness, for motivating me through the hard times and most importantly thank you all for the memories :) I enjoyed it every step of the way. Looking back at this one day, I'm pretty sure I'll still have the funny tingle in my stomach of nervousness and it'll surely bring me back to you guys.
Oh and though we didn't manage to get a placing but we had fun indeed right guys?