Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More iftars!

A day before Razny's birthday, the girls and I had our iftar together. This time at Tryst Sect 13. It was a very last minute plan but we pulled it off yeayy usss! The food here was delicious. I had the  Chicken & Mushroom spaghetti and it was just right to my taste buds. And we shared some desserts afterwards; nutella tart and chocolate & ice-cream pancakes. Yummsyyy I'm tellin' ya guys!
So it was Moraza and Aina ;)
Us, reunited :')

Big menu with a lot of good stuff on it as well.

Welfie to end the great night!
Lots of laughter, stories, catching up. So good to finally get to see the girls again. Especially yang Labuan in pink tu, bukan senang woo nak jumpa ;p Thanks gegirls!
And this was the berbuka family gathering we had at our home with my uncle, aunts and cousins. Like every year, one of the family would organize a berbuka at their home to gather everyone and celebrate the holy Ramadhan together. And this year, we decided it's our turn! :D
My mum's definition of a 'simple' iftar menu. Really mum? -.-"
But of course, these are to serve for 13 hungry tummies so it's about right, right? Hehh.

 Not to mention my aunts brought along some light snacks, desserts and a barrel of KFC when they came. Alhamdulillah rezeki dikongsi bersama. Lagipun makan ramai2 ni best, selera dia lain macam sikit kankan? ;)
So esok pun dah last day puasa. So tamat lah sudah kisah iftar tahun ni. In sha Allah panjang umur, bertemu lagi Ramadhan tahun hadapan. Aminnnn, mudah-mudahan.