Monday, July 13, 2015

MC-ing a forum

So there was this one day while I was at home that I received a text from the one and only Ammar Atan, PMUM President requesting that I became the MC for a forum as shown in the poster below. Now, the thing is, up to that day, I have kindly rejected more than a few offers to emcee for events around my fac. The main reason is because I'm NO GOOD at emceeing T_T I've tried it before during my high-school years and I myself knew I didn't do well. I just don't have "the voice" you see.
But after much persuasion, and because the forum was going to be held in 2 days time from the day Ammar asked, I gave in and agreed to help. But before anything, I did warned him, "I hope I won't ruin your event." Haha :p
This was the forum, held by and at the Business & Accountancy Fac.
Another reason why I agreed to MC for this forum was because of the issue being brought forward was regarding the latest Malaysia Plan which as an Economic student, I believe I must acquire myself with the knowledge.

Oh dear, you can't imagine how nervous I was before and during the event. The Lim Goh Tong Hall was filled with audiences consisting of IPT students, media and the public. Events like this had always been in the interest of many. 
Credits to Efy for the pics. She came to support me. Emceeing has always been her thing, you know. She made it look so easy T_T

The honourable guest speakers. Too bad Fathul Bari couldn't make it that night. The hall was pretty heated up on the issue as the night went on. I learned a lot, from the country's economy, future vision, international economic situation to something totally not economic related like what it takes to be an inspiring and influential person. Awesome!
Post-event photo with Ammar Atan and Efy.
Thank you bro for the trust you had in me. You were right; I managed to gain a new experience that night, learned a thing or two from other PMUM members and made new friends along the way :) It was a pleasure and an eye-opener being exposed to things like this. I might not be a very good MC but hey at least I didn't ruin your event right? Hahaha :D