Thursday, July 2, 2015

I'm back!!

Oh my, it sure is dusty in here.

I shall begin this post by welcoming...well, welcoming myself really, to my long neglected blog.
My last post was at the start of my second semester. Guess what, I am done with my second semester as of right now! How time flies. I should be embarrassed of myself, stating that I shall update you guys soon after my previous post. Turns out soon was not so soon ay?

Apparently, I was too busy and carried away with actually living/surviving reality also known as my life that I couldn't find the time or energy or creativity to post anything here for so long. I tried guys, I really did. More than seldom I find myself signing in to my dearest blog only to stare blankly at the clean sheet in front of me.

Anyway, now that I'm back, let's recap what happened throughout my second semester shall we?
Okay firstly, I'd like to have you know that I was done with my finals examination about a week ago. As the exam invigilator announced, "Candidates may leave the hall now." after my last paper, Financial Management that is, on 25th of June, my first year of university had officially ended!

I can conclude my second semester of my first year of studies as hectic. There were so very much to do in so little time. But alhamdulillah, I lived through it despite falling clumsily along the journey more often than not.

And today, it is RAMADHAN the 15th! Halfway through this holy month :) Whaaatttt? Already? Wow! Which brings me to my current activities, well at the moment I'm just doing my usual stuff. For those who know me, like every other holiday/breaks, I'm just at home helping out with the house chores, was made into my sister's personal driver and the family's very own grocery shopper. Basically I run errands and put the house in place. Hahaha. Literally.

Apart from that, I'm also gonna be involved in a few programmes organized by my faculty during this semester break. And of course, there's also some of my own projects which I ever so often procrastinate on starting. So yeah, that's that. More updates coming soon :)