Sunday, July 5, 2015


So seperti biasa, pasti ada hangouts~~
This was during Rifdi's birthday. We treated him for satay and cake on his 21st birthday yayyyyyy!
Keluar malam, so kena ada abang gua dong. Thanks for joining Filzah dear :*
Happy 21st Di! :D Kahwin nanti kalau tak jemput jugak tak tau la nak cakap apa ;p huhuhu.
Location: Satay Hut Sect 9 Shah Alam. Dapdap

Geng breakfast, Di and Halim @ port biasa Al-Rafi 13.
P/s patutnya ramai lagi tp biasalah masing2 dgn commitment sendiri kan. Paham, paham.

Rare sikit, breakfast dengan bandmates! +1
Syafiq, Fidzry, Ijat, Afiqah and Isam.

Well, as you can see, gigih cari angle nak snap photo and obvs failing at that haha XD

And of course, the one and only time us roommates (+1) ever went out together.

These 2 were my roommates for the past 1 year. Diba and Liza. Too crazy and weird for words to even describe. Next year mereka masih stay dkt college. I am not the college's asset so they didn't want me anymore T_T Huwaaaa

Thanks for the memories girls :') Will sure miss you bunch.
And of course, makan2 with le familia :)
Siblings smileeeee