Sunday, July 5, 2015

Food Galore

This post is a tribute to the one thing that I enjoy the most, the one that I don't mind spoiling myself with and spending my money for,
and that is, FOOD :B
Ntah la, it's currently 3:11AM, which means dah nak dekat time sahur so mood makan tu tiba2 came up. Haha so here you go, random photos of food that I had and loved.
Yong Tau Foo @ Mid Valley. Urghh so good this one.

Nasi lemak rendang ayam, Auntie Anne's and jasmine tea.
@ Sunway Pyramid

@ Tropicana City Mall

What is better than Pizza for dinner?
Pizza delivered straight to your college of course!

My mum's attempt at this dessert, I'll update this post once I can recall the name of it hehh.

A good ol' Kenny Rogers meal.

Mr Steakhouse.

Juadah iftar jamaie di surau kolej :) makan dalam dulang , portion lelaki oh ni serious banyak for the 4 of us -.-"

New York Steak Shack. Loved it so much :3

Juadah iftar outing with SSAAS mates @ Kopimeo. Generous portion of salmon (Y)

Fuel Shack's burger yummm! @ TBS
Okay dah, sekarang boleh tidur dgn aman :p Night! Till the next post~