Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dinner 14/15

UM FEA Night 2014/15
Our faculty's annual dinner!
As part of the organizing committee, the dinner was very hectic for me. I was the deputy head of department for general affairs which includes coordinating matters regarding the hotel and transportation. So during the day itself, I was busy ensuring that the participants get on the bus and the bus reaching the hotel on time. The dinner was held in Concorde Hotel KL with "An Elegant Night Out" theme.
I only had a mere half an hour to get dressed before the event started, hence my look -.-" I didn't share a lot of photos right after the event because I had another event scheduled very soon after so I was busy. But mehh, really, I was busy throughout the semester I think haha.
Loads of "scenes" that night. More of which involving teary-eyes but that's alright. My friends and I, we had fun anyways :) Thanks girls!
Alhamdulillah, received a token for being in the Dean's List for first semester.

Elisa the dancer :) Beautiful friend of mine. A picture right before leaving the hotel.

Them seniors~
"Mora awat hang tinggi sangat, aku insecure."
Hahaha. The power of heels.

Had some fun at the photo booth with Mas and Efy. My dearest :)

Yea, they bought their dresses together. Yoon Ju too tall for any of us, she had to bow down a lil bit XD oh and also the korean girl who won queen of the night standing beside me ;)
Please excuse the blurry picture, this is the best one that we had haha. 

Mas Sutera. The one who never fails to make me laugh :D
Us three musketeers :B
With Yoon Ju ^.^
Panoramic view inside the hall (click to view in full heh)