Monday, July 13, 2015


First iftar outing of the year! Started with just the three of us; Rifdi, Filzah and I. And then hey, the others showed up :D It was at Kopimeo in Section 9, we had a great catch-up sesh (long over due anyway) Good food, good good friends, great time :)
Gigih nak squeeze everyone into the photo.
This was what I had. It was a Ramadhan special; nasi putih with asam pedas, kerabu and pan-seared salmon.

My girls, Una and Filzah. So pretty I cannot T_T 

Haha Una troll the guys who were posing for the picture below :P

My homeboys, my brongs.

The ladies :)

Smile for the camera!
All in all, it was a great iftar with these people. Thank you Di for the ride and everything. Sorry terlupa nak belanja huhu. Hopefully dapat berhuhuhu lagi raya nanti okeh everybody? :D