Sunday, July 5, 2015


Fac activity!
Among others, we had a Muslim BBQ gathering for FEA students. It was held under a big shady tree (great tree, really. so much that soon after, they built a tree house on it!) in UM somewhere near the main library. It was organized to gather and act as a medium for Muslim students and lecturers of our faculty to mingle and get to know each other better.
Yummy food, great company, fun games and sharing sessions, lots of photo-taking, hearty laughter = good time :)

Seniors (& Iqbal, the one in WWE tee ;p)
We had a fair share of thoughts on the WWE live in Malaysia in which he went to see.
It went something like this:
Me: WWE in Malaysia? Did you went to see it?
Him: Yeah I did.
Me: How was it?
Him: Well, up close you can really see that the whole thing was staged, acted out.
Me: Haha well, you knew that for a fact. Then where's the fun?
Him: We know it's planned all the way but I don't know, I guess the execution is fun to watch.
Me: Haha, so guys do love dramas after all huh?
Him: Well, in that sense, yeah.
Somewhere along that line lah~ 

Erfiana and I :) This girl is all smiles, wonderful!

I just had to capture the tree above me.