Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I don't know for sure when will I be updating my blog after this, so I think it's not too early for me to wish all of you readers;
Maaf zahir dan batin kalau ada tersilap kata, tersalah bicara harap dimaafkan. Have a good raya celebration, stay safe on the roads and have a wonderful holiday everyone!
Assalamualaikum :)

Kuih raya

Every year for the past 3 years my mum and I would make our signature kuih raya (well, not to say signature la. Actually it's the only kuih yang gheti and rajin nak dibuat) which is our Pineapple Tarts! :D And this year tambah lagi satu, honey cornflakes! So if you happen to be raya-ing at my place, do look out for it :3 Sebab ini je la kuih yang buat sendiri, yang lain semua either beli or nenek buat :p huhuhu.

More iftars!

A day before Razny's birthday, the girls and I had our iftar together. This time at Tryst Sect 13. It was a very last minute plan but we pulled it off yeayy usss! The food here was delicious. I had the  Chicken & Mushroom spaghetti and it was just right to my taste buds. And we shared some desserts afterwards; nutella tart and chocolate & ice-cream pancakes. Yummsyyy I'm tellin' ya guys!
So it was Moraza and Aina ;)
Us, reunited :')

Big menu with a lot of good stuff on it as well.

Welfie to end the great night!
Lots of laughter, stories, catching up. So good to finally get to see the girls again. Especially yang Labuan in pink tu, bukan senang woo nak jumpa ;p Thanks gegirls!
And this was the berbuka family gathering we had at our home with my uncle, aunts and cousins. Like every year, one of the family would organize a berbuka at their home to gather everyone and celebrate the holy Ramadhan together. And this year, we decided it's our turn! :D
My mum's definition of a 'simple' iftar menu. Really mum? -.-"
But of course, these are to serve for 13 hungry tummies so it's about right, right? Hehh.

 Not to mention my aunts brought along some light snacks, desserts and a barrel of KFC when they came. Alhamdulillah rezeki dikongsi bersama. Lagipun makan ramai2 ni best, selera dia lain macam sikit kankan? ;)
So esok pun dah last day puasa. So tamat lah sudah kisah iftar tahun ni. In sha Allah panjang umur, bertemu lagi Ramadhan tahun hadapan. Aminnnn, mudah-mudahan.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Social Engagement project

This semester I had a subject called Social Engagement or in Bahasa, Jalinan Masyarakat. It is a compulsory university course which was newly introduced last year which makes us the second batch to be having this course. So basically it has no test or exam whatsoever, we just have to come up with a proposal, complete 36 hours of social engaging, make a report of it and present it to our supervisor. All of those were done as a group (of 20 students), but there was an individual assignment which requires us to set up and update a blog on our project.
The organization that we chose was IQ70Plus, a welfare home for the mentally disabled. If say you would like to read or know more about the home and the activities that I did for my SE course for whatever purpose do check out the blog that I did.


First iftar outing of the year! Started with just the three of us; Rifdi, Filzah and I. And then hey, the others showed up :D It was at Kopimeo in Section 9, we had a great catch-up sesh (long over due anyway) Good food, good good friends, great time :)
Gigih nak squeeze everyone into the photo.
This was what I had. It was a Ramadhan special; nasi putih with asam pedas, kerabu and pan-seared salmon.

My girls, Una and Filzah. So pretty I cannot T_T 

Haha Una troll the guys who were posing for the picture below :P

My homeboys, my brongs.

The ladies :)

Smile for the camera!
All in all, it was a great iftar with these people. Thank you Di for the ride and everything. Sorry terlupa nak belanja huhu. Hopefully dapat berhuhuhu lagi raya nanti okeh everybody? :D

MC-ing a forum

So there was this one day while I was at home that I received a text from the one and only Ammar Atan, PMUM President requesting that I became the MC for a forum as shown in the poster below. Now, the thing is, up to that day, I have kindly rejected more than a few offers to emcee for events around my fac. The main reason is because I'm NO GOOD at emceeing T_T I've tried it before during my high-school years and I myself knew I didn't do well. I just don't have "the voice" you see.
But after much persuasion, and because the forum was going to be held in 2 days time from the day Ammar asked, I gave in and agreed to help. But before anything, I did warned him, "I hope I won't ruin your event." Haha :p
This was the forum, held by and at the Business & Accountancy Fac.
Another reason why I agreed to MC for this forum was because of the issue being brought forward was regarding the latest Malaysia Plan which as an Economic student, I believe I must acquire myself with the knowledge.

Oh dear, you can't imagine how nervous I was before and during the event. The Lim Goh Tong Hall was filled with audiences consisting of IPT students, media and the public. Events like this had always been in the interest of many. 
Credits to Efy for the pics. She came to support me. Emceeing has always been her thing, you know. She made it look so easy T_T

The honourable guest speakers. Too bad Fathul Bari couldn't make it that night. The hall was pretty heated up on the issue as the night went on. I learned a lot, from the country's economy, future vision, international economic situation to something totally not economic related like what it takes to be an inspiring and influential person. Awesome!
Post-event photo with Ammar Atan and Efy.
Thank you bro for the trust you had in me. You were right; I managed to gain a new experience that night, learned a thing or two from other PMUM members and made new friends along the way :) It was a pleasure and an eye-opener being exposed to things like this. I might not be a very good MC but hey at least I didn't ruin your event right? Hahaha :D

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pop Band Comp

Somewhere in the middle of the semester I find myself spending hours every other night for at least 2 months in the music room at our college. Guess why?
I was the drummer in the band representing my college for Festival Seni UM (FESENI '14/'15)! It was a horrifying experience, even now it's over I still think so, but at the same time I wouldn't trade the memories for the world.
This was my view every alternate nights.
The music room.
This was the place where I had my audition for the part. This was the place where we had our meetings and brainstorming and discussion and fights and disagreements and great laughter together. Oh it wasn't easy. It was a rough journey. From the very beginning of choosing the songs to perform, to completing the band members, to rearranging the songs, to trying to perfect the whole performance. Oh man, it was some tough stuff. 

And this, was our prelude night. The night where we had to perform in front of the principal, fellows and college mates. Oh and yes, we had to bring all the equipment (including the drum set mind you) from the music room to the hall upstairs. And put everything back where it belonged right after the prelude ended. What a night it was, I slept so well haha.
The prelude was okay, apart from some technical problems, we did as we practised. All I remembered was that I was so glad it was over because only then we get to really focus on the real performance which was a totally different song altogether. 2 songs to be exact.

These lovely ladies came to give their support thank you girls!
And on the real night of the Pop Band Competition, I had like a panic attack. Right before the competition, I had an English test which I couldn't excuse myself from. We (our band that is) were supposed to gather at our college's lobby at 7.30pm, and guess what? I passed up my test paper and left my English class at exactly 7.30pm. I ran as fast as I could from the language faculty, back to my room, took a bath, perform Maghrib prayers, grab my things and reach the lobby at 7.45pm.
Oh my God, I didn't even had time to catch my breath. I was literally gasping for air when I reach there but luckily, the singer took a longer time getting ready so we ended up getting on the van at 8pm. Hahaha, all those rush for nothing, greeeaatt.
Then my mum called and said that she was there with my sister and brother. They came to support me :') At that point I felt a lot better already.

A picture with the bandmates right before the competition began. We were pumped at first but got super nervous as our turn was getting closer.

The venue: Auditorium KPS. Full house that night, some didn't even get to sit.
That was us in action.
Okay so, whenever I got super nervous, I tend to suddenly blanked out. Back stage I was wandering back and forth while listening back to song that we practised and had recorded on my phone. I listened to it repeatedly as I was scared I might forgot everything once I sit behind the drums.
Right before we were called, our lead guitarist scared the heck out of me when he asked, "Eh, macam mana eh part solo aku? Aku lupa doh." Perghhhh time tu MC tgh perkenalkan kitorang kut. Serious tak lawak. But thankfully he got back on track as soon as we walked into the stage.
Oh my God, as I sat behind the drums in the middle of the whole stage, I could almost feel my feet and hands tremble at the sight of the full house audience in front of me. We started with a quick sound check and the crowd went crazy! Ah, wonderful feeling ever :') So before we begin with our performance (which began with the drums), I gathered my courage, inhaled deeply and thought to myself, "I have to do this. I have to KILL it. It's do or die. I wanna make myself and everyone that I represent proud." It's showtime! And then I hit the drums and played till the end.
When I left the stage, many people congratulated me on the good performance but the one that made it all worth it was when my family (mum, sis and brother) said that they were proud of me. I couldn't have felt so good inside as I did at the time :)

Bandmates consisting of various courses of study; tesl, actuary, geology, econs, Islamic studies. All of us with the same passion for music.

Post performance. Happy, satisfied and had so much fun!
Thanks guys for teaching me a lot of new things, for putting up with my amateur-ness, for motivating me through the hard times and most importantly thank you all for the memories :) I enjoyed it every step of the way. Looking back at this one day, I'm pretty sure I'll still have the funny tingle in my stomach of nervousness and it'll surely bring me back to you guys.
Oh and though we didn't manage to get a placing but we had fun indeed right guys?

For Razny

9/7/2015, you are one year older today! Yeayyyy! I hope you had a wonderful day in this holy month of Ramadhan. May Allah bless you and your family with great great returns.
I may not have known you for too long, but 4 years of my life would have not been the same if I hadn't :) You have a great personality, nampak garang dan tegas tapi that is what makes you special. Your honesty is like no other, straight forward and direct. You're so much fun to hang out with! Ada je cerita2 yg kelakar xD And not to forget, you were the friend who took the big step of wearing hijab permanently together with me :')
Semoga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. Good luck in your studies and hopefully we'll meet again soon :D
Saranghaeyo unnie!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Food Galore

This post is a tribute to the one thing that I enjoy the most, the one that I don't mind spoiling myself with and spending my money for,
and that is, FOOD :B
Ntah la, it's currently 3:11AM, which means dah nak dekat time sahur so mood makan tu tiba2 came up. Haha so here you go, random photos of food that I had and loved.
Yong Tau Foo @ Mid Valley. Urghh so good this one.

Nasi lemak rendang ayam, Auntie Anne's and jasmine tea.
@ Sunway Pyramid

@ Tropicana City Mall

What is better than Pizza for dinner?
Pizza delivered straight to your college of course!

My mum's attempt at this dessert, I'll update this post once I can recall the name of it hehh.

A good ol' Kenny Rogers meal.

Mr Steakhouse.

Juadah iftar jamaie di surau kolej :) makan dalam dulang , portion lelaki oh ni serious banyak for the 4 of us -.-"

New York Steak Shack. Loved it so much :3

Juadah iftar outing with SSAAS mates @ Kopimeo. Generous portion of salmon (Y)

Fuel Shack's burger yummm! @ TBS
Okay dah, sekarang boleh tidur dgn aman :p Night! Till the next post~


So seperti biasa, pasti ada hangouts~~
This was during Rifdi's birthday. We treated him for satay and cake on his 21st birthday yayyyyyy!
Keluar malam, so kena ada abang gua dong. Thanks for joining Filzah dear :*
Happy 21st Di! :D Kahwin nanti kalau tak jemput jugak tak tau la nak cakap apa ;p huhuhu.
Location: Satay Hut Sect 9 Shah Alam. Dapdap

Geng breakfast, Di and Halim @ port biasa Al-Rafi 13.
P/s patutnya ramai lagi tp biasalah masing2 dgn commitment sendiri kan. Paham, paham.

Rare sikit, breakfast dengan bandmates! +1
Syafiq, Fidzry, Ijat, Afiqah and Isam.

Well, as you can see, gigih cari angle nak snap photo and obvs failing at that haha XD

And of course, the one and only time us roommates (+1) ever went out together.

These 2 were my roommates for the past 1 year. Diba and Liza. Too crazy and weird for words to even describe. Next year mereka masih stay dkt college. I am not the college's asset so they didn't want me anymore T_T Huwaaaa

Thanks for the memories girls :') Will sure miss you bunch.
And of course, makan2 with le familia :)
Siblings smileeeee