Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bubbles day out

Breakfast :D
The next day, we were here! SMK Seksyen 24 (1) to meet up with our former STPM teachers who transferred from SSAAS to here.
With my cikgu sejarah and business studies :D Missed them so much :')
Sekarang STPM dah lain. No school uniforms anymore and s24 will be the centre for STPM in the area, currently 2 schools, next year another 2 will join in as well.
Systems change, what remains are our memories with our dearest teachers and friends. And that, will never change or fade.
All of us who came + the teachers!
These people were a part of my journey in this world and I'm so thankful for all the ups and downs that we went through together :)

Shazani, my senior in form 6 and in uni. Hardly bump into each other in uni but met in school instead, haha.

Surprise advanced birthday celebration for the one and only, FILZAH :D
Okay so, after our gathering in school, 9 of us girls went to hangout at Setia City Mall.

Brownies and ice-cream for the birthday girl.

Then main soap bubbles dkt padang tgh panas. Haha. This is Alina, seronok dia ye~

The gorgeous Una and Anura :)

Dearly missed, Aina!



"Macam Harry Potter weh! XD" - Anis

Timer, phone atas kotak brownies haha!
Lunch of ayam penyet. Dapdap

Mendung, tapi silau.

5 taken, take a guess?

Unplanned hangout but an ultimately fun one indeed! At least half of the time was spent laughing XD Good food, good company; awesome day out with the girls.