Saturday, February 28, 2015


Olla, 2nd semester has arrived!
I am halfway done with registration and schedule arrangement. And I've been introduced to all except 1 of my lecturers this semester. 7 courses altogether, 3 uni courses and 4 core. I think the courses this semester are equally difficult as the first sem. The lecturers are nice as well, though each have distinct approaches in teaching.
My English class happens to be at night... I'm not quite sure how I feel about that. But sometimes in life, kita kena redah je. Go with the flow.
So yeah.
I'm currently at home. Have I told you guys I now own a kitten? Oh man, I'm telling ya. It's hard work. That hyperactive fur ball. It somehow gave me a little insight on how it'd be like to have a child.
I'm also not quite sure how I feel about that either. Hahaha.
I've been asked to be a part of a few events in these upcoming couple of months. So, I'll update once that's done.
Alright so that's about it for now.
Looking forward to get this semester over and done with :B

Monday, February 23, 2015

Elastic Heart

Kau kena kuat Mora.
Kuat untuk kau.
Untuk orang di sekeliling kau.
Jaga diri.
No one's gonna do that for you.
You've got to toughen up.
Endure life.
Live every second that this world could give.
"And with every broken bone,
I swear I lived."

Saturday, February 21, 2015

2nd sem

Tomorrow I'll be checking in to my residential college. 2nd semester will begin the day after tomorrow. I'll be busy, no doubt. Especially at the start of the new semester.
So, I might not update my blog so often.
But when I do, I'll let you guys know through Twitter yea.
P/s Perasannya ada orang baca. Puiii.
Now Listening: Another Heart Calls AAR.
Good night :)

Malacca Trip

So, I am back from a mini vacation with my family in Melaka during the CNY holiday.
We travelled to Melaka on CNY which was on Thursday. Jalan jammed kaw kaw punya. The journey took us 4 hours! (Normally 1 hr 30 mins). The cars were crawling on the highway. After PD the road got clearer but as we approached Melaka town, the traffic jam built up again.
We were super famished, we dropped by Perhentian Kuih Kampung and had our late lunch there. Macam-macam ada sini. Kuih berjenis-jenis, nasi ayam, goreng2, cucur, nasi putih pun ado. Not surprised that the gerai was among pilihan JJCM. Yumm!
Then we checked-in to our apartment and settled in. 
The place we stayed was literally beside the famous malls and tourist attractions in the heart of Banda Hilir Melaka.

We had our dinner at Pizza Hut because we were too tired to walk further  that night.


The view from 10th floor of our apartment. Never-ending traffic jam here. We walked the whole time everywhere we went because if we were to drive, would've took us forever to get to our destination.
Though I strongly think they should at least put a traffic light for pedestrian here. Bertarung nyawa everytime nak cross jalan T_T

Midnight read. Habis dah baca. Awesome book!

Lunch the next day. Claypot Asam Pedas. Fuhh, dapdap!

Comel diorang decorate a corner to look like a classic Chinese shop.

Dah kenyang sambung walk lagi. Pusing2 semua malls around.

Pergi Melaka, shopping dkt H&M...
Hmmm. Pasaipa tah.

Habis shopping makan Asam Pedas lagi. Gerai lain pulak tp dalam bangunan yang sama dengan the previous gerai. Dengan kangkung belacan lagi. Marvellous :D

Jammed tak bergerak. From dusk till dawn mcm ni lah haa. Beca pun sangkut dalam jam, acaner tu.

Malam swimming time :D The pool closes at 10pm so after maghrib we went for a night swim. Sejuk gila >_< But we had so much fun :)

Habis swimming keluar jalan2 lagi. This was at Dataran Pahlawan.

Sis & Mum

Mall semua dah tutup. Even restaurants dkt luar pun dah tutup after 10.30. And we were STARVING after all the swimming and walking. Sobs. Yang bukak pun fast food and mamak, which we were trying our best to avoid.

Found food :D Guess where? The same place we had brunch and lunch earlier! Haha. Gerai lain tp the same location. So basically 3 meals that day semua dkt sini.

Muka lapar.
Orang yang paling berselera makan is yours truly, ME :B
Kailan, telur dadar and ikan 3 rasa. Makan panas2, mmmm perfect.
And for the last day, which was this morning, we checked-out of the apartment and head on to Pantai Klebang. The weather was perfect, sejuk and windy. And we saw BUSTEL (hotel on a bus) parked at the side of the beach.

Basically BUSTEL ni korang sewa satu bas, dkt dalam ada katil and toilet. Siap ada aircond okay. Murah je, less than RM150 per night (depending on what day). Call la sendiri kalau interested.
There's a lot of food stalls nearby. They set up tents and tables just beside the bustels. Ada coconut shake, makanan goreng2, nasi lemak and aiskrim pasu. But kitorang awal sangat so gerai baru nak set up. Booo.

Yeah yeah, same attire as the night before. Sebabnya that night pakai semata-mata pergi makan. So, tak salah rasanya pakai lagi.

Amazing view in the morning.
Then head home. 2 jam je dah sampai sebab bertolak awal pagi jalan belum jam.
It's a wrap :D That's the end of our short vacay. I would conclude it as a little tiring but fun nonetheless :) Alhamdulillah :)

Monday, February 16, 2015

MORAZA luncheon

This is literally how I look whenever I'm scrolling through any social networking timeline.
Anyway, hi everyone :)
So today, had a lunch date with my 2 girls, Filzah and Raz @ Laman Seri. We had Thai today, sawadeekap.
We talked and ate. Oh we ate a whole lot. The food was very nice.
Super full by the end of the meal.
Then, we decided to go for dessert :D

This might just be our last outing until our next sem break. I will miss you girls. Good luck and see ya'll real soon :)

Monday, February 9, 2015


My friend of 3 years. Looking forward for many more awesome years ahead. This lady is crazy hilarious and never fails to make me laugh my heart out. I'm so grateful to know such a bright person like her :)
May Allah bless you with good health and wealth. Have a great day Pija!
Love you loads :*

Sunday, February 8, 2015

1 down 6 more to go

So as you guys know, I just finished my 1st semester. Alhamdulillah, I'm very grateful for my results. I'm determined to do better next semester.
So in a couple of weeks, 2nd semester will begin. I hope I will finish yet another semester of my uni life smoothly and with joy :) I enjoy learning new things as it widens my horizon. Looking forward for another roller coaster ride ;)

P/s currently in love with OneRepublic's I Lived.


 So the other night, my family and I went for dinner at a new restaurant in Sect 9; Macaroni.
Its serves variety of pastas and pizzas and other food as well. I was very impressed with the interior design, it felt very cosy. The food was okay. Its very Western, so don't come here expecting any sort of Malaysian local cuisine. I like the whole concept, though it wont be my regular go-to place, mainly due to the price.
Anyhow, to each his own right? So you guys should give it a try and experience it for yourself :)


Bubbles day out

Breakfast :D
The next day, we were here! SMK Seksyen 24 (1) to meet up with our former STPM teachers who transferred from SSAAS to here.
With my cikgu sejarah and business studies :D Missed them so much :')
Sekarang STPM dah lain. No school uniforms anymore and s24 will be the centre for STPM in the area, currently 2 schools, next year another 2 will join in as well.
Systems change, what remains are our memories with our dearest teachers and friends. And that, will never change or fade.
All of us who came + the teachers!
These people were a part of my journey in this world and I'm so thankful for all the ups and downs that we went through together :)

Shazani, my senior in form 6 and in uni. Hardly bump into each other in uni but met in school instead, haha.

Surprise advanced birthday celebration for the one and only, FILZAH :D
Okay so, after our gathering in school, 9 of us girls went to hangout at Setia City Mall.

Brownies and ice-cream for the birthday girl.

Then main soap bubbles dkt padang tgh panas. Haha. This is Alina, seronok dia ye~

The gorgeous Una and Anura :)

Dearly missed, Aina!



"Macam Harry Potter weh! XD" - Anis

Timer, phone atas kotak brownies haha!
Lunch of ayam penyet. Dapdap

Mendung, tapi silau.

5 taken, take a guess?

Unplanned hangout but an ultimately fun one indeed! At least half of the time was spent laughing XD Good food, good company; awesome day out with the girls.