Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015, First post of the year.

Yellooo readers! :) I am done with my first semester in uni! JYEAHH :D I'm enjoying my 2 months break at home. Though the workload is equally similar at home, but at least there's no deadlines. Heh. Alhamdulillah, exams went well. Not as in I-TOTALLY-CAN-ANSWER kinda well. But nevertheless, I am thankful enough that I woke up everyday and reach the exam hall on time. I'm happy enough for that reason alone :)
Anyway, I am so glad to be home with my family. And while I was busy studying for my exam, it's 2015! :D And I think it's not too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! My New Year's resolution? Mehh, nothing specific. I just wanna be a better person than I was last year. And that will be my resolution every year.
I've been doing a lot of stuff since I last updated my blog. I know I know, I'm not too active lately. Posts have been slow. Partly because I have not much things to write. And partly because I'm not too convinced that anybody cared to read my boring blog. Well.
Anyhow, here are some photos.
This is my path walking to and from my classes and residential college. Despite climbing the hills of this walkway, this is the so-called shortcut to my faculty.
Okay so I had a photoshoot this particular morning at my fac for annual dinner committee. I overslept and had to rush to get ready for it. Hence, my face.
This is my faculty. Well, apart of it at least. This is where we had our tutorials.

This is the other part of my faculty where we had our lectures. And these are my friends; Ooi, Efy (who woke me up that day) and myself.

And later in the evening we went to watch our Korean friend, Yoon Ju perform ribbon acrobatics and other cool stuff as well.

Loving the doodle art at the event.
Fast forward to December, this is where I had my exam. The exam hall at the exam building.
Some days felt colder than the other depending on how nervous I was and not so much due to the hall. I had 6 papers in total and all of it was equally challenging, time-wise and question-wise.

6th of January. Why were we smiling? We're done with the last ever paper of the semester! Weee :D

Mas, Efy and me.
We had lunch together afterwards because we were starving.
Then, Efy and I went to Mid-Valley to catch a movie. We watched Seventh Son, it was fun. Great storyline, great script. Entertaining, funny, cast esp hero was SUPER gorgeous. Though, I did wished the 7th son had a special significant specialty to him.

Recently, had breakfast with these bunch.

Rifdi, Halim, Ajim, Anis and Amri.

Great catch up sesh. Though hoping to meet the others as well soon. We had a good time :)

The dearly-missed, FILZAH :)

 And went to IOI City Mall Putrajaya with my family. It was big indeed. But I'd stick to malls around my place.
Okay that's basically all about it. Thanks for reading and see yall soon :)