Saturday, December 27, 2014

First finals

HI GUYS! Good morning!
December's almost over. My first semester exam is coming real soon.
As in, tomorrow morning.
And it'll end on 6th January next year. Which is great. I get to enjoy my long holiday afterwards. Plus minus 2 months of sem break. Looking forward to that :D
So having said that, I'd like to apologize to everyone whom I might have wronged, know that it is far more my intention to do so. Do pray for me.
And also pray for pantai timur and all of the states affected by flood. May all of them be strong and persevere going through this hard time. Praying for the flood to end soon. Hopefully new year's gonna bring a fresh start to everyone.
Alright, I gotta get back to my studying. Good luck to all that'll be sitting for their finals soon. May Allah ease everything :)