Wednesday, November 19, 2014


So, we had a photoshoot last Friday for PEKUMA (econs society). Here are some photos.

Central Committee.
Spot me. Too easy. Haha.

Central + FEA Night + PYEC

Breakfast date w Yoonju!

Posing at the entrance of Jualan Pesta Tanglung.

Iqbal :D

Fiza, Kim, Me, Efy.

She's so cute erghhhh

Saturday chess SUKMUM the whole day from 7.30am till 6.30pm.
Personal achievement: 3.5 over 5 points. 1st round bye >:(
Our group didn't win but it was a good experience nevertheless. 

Homst Chinese Muslim cuisine.
Paling best soft shell crab. Yummmmayy!

Good night.