Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pics oh pics

I'm gonna share some photos of my recent activities :) Enjoy!
Sel 8 members during Minggu Haluan Siswa (MHS) UM :)

Sel 8, Bestarians :D w/ PM Rayyan

Suasana DTC

View from up top

Some other KK's mascot.
Great Eastern Annual Dinner 2014

@ Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

Beautiful hall and pretty decos!

With another scholar, Yusop.

UM FEA senior, also scholar, Haow Ming :D

Rayy, creative pose ;)

Phua Chu Kang was there!!! And Mr Bean impersonator! Both were hilarious, I tell ya! Best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam (Y)

Thank you for having us! Great dinner :)

With Mr CEO! The most sporting CEO evahhh :D

Ni diaa roommates saya; Liza & Diba :D Great people! Matrics, Asasi & STPM; Johor, Sarawak & Shah Alam. Bergabung meletups! 

Mama Water Tribe, Mama Fasya. Cantik sangat T_T

Water Tribe y'alls. Whaddup?

Minggu Keluarga Bestari best! This year's theme, Avatar-ish. 4 empires (Air Nomad, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom & Water Tribe) fought for the title as the strongest empire. Asgard (Empayar Halilintar) as the event organizers. Good job (Y)

Props mantop. Suasana sebelum event bermula. Mmg meriah sangat, ketawa pecah perut especially during malam kebudayaan XD Crack.
Weekends digunakan untuk hangout with them boys.

& Shahrul.

Ajim & Rifdi.
Econs Interactive Week.

Our team's logo!

Shrek team members :D Great people! Very cooperative.
Malam interview untuk projek2 kolej. Introducing my besties; from left Adilah, Mas and Efy!


Merdeka Walk organized by SKET in collaboration with community. 
Good morning! On the way to my fac. Greenery~
So that's all I could share for now. See ya in my next post :*