Thursday, October 2, 2014

A lil somethin'

It's Thursday today and I'm quite free now (oddly), so I thought might as well I update my blog (long overdue anyway). It has been more than a month since I got into uni and my life has totally changed from then on. It's totally different, life on campus. But I am thankful for all the experiences I had during high school because it definitely helped me here.
To join projects here, college, faculty or uni projects; interviews will be held. It's no longer similar to the school system where you can simply sign up as long as the club/unit beruniform/sports are still not fully occupied. Everything you would like to enter here, you must first go through interviews. I went to 2 interviews for college projects and managed to be accepted in one and I recently (this evening actually) interviewed for another 2 faculty projects.
My previous experiences came in handy during the iv. So, kids, please join school activities, please be active in co-curriculum, join prefects board, gain as many random experiences in school. You might not see any good of it immediately but it'll do wonders in university. And one more important advice I'd like to give, master the English language! It will bring you to awesome places, trust me. You don't necessarily have to score an A+ in English or anything; just polish your speaking skills. It makes a whole lot of difference.
My days have been productively busy lately. But I never forget to give myself a break and do something fun whenever I have the chance. There's so much to life, don't waste the chance to experience it!
P/s Scuba diving class one day before Microecons Test! Hooray...