Sunday, October 26, 2014

Convo stall

So as I promised, I will be updating on my recent project.
I am back from my mid-sem break. I had an awesome holiday and birthday vacay which I will update in the coming post.
Before mid-sem break, I was involved in a college project the whole week from Monday to Friday day in till day out daily. The event is with regards to Festival Konvokesyen UM (FESKUM). Every year, our college opens up a food stall at the FESKUM site. So this year was no exception. Our stall which was named La Phewitt 4th Bistro, sold various food and beverages.
For food, we had our signature Kerang Bakar Abang Sado, Chicken and Beef Satay, Nasi Minyak/Tomato with Ayam Masak Merah and Acar, Jagung Bakar, Buah Guava, Chocolate Moist Cake and Nasi Lemak in the morning.
As for drinks we had hot drinks; Coffee and Tea; and cold drinks; Choc Malt, Pink Guava, Asam Boi, Sarsi, Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Mango, Cincau etc.
I was one of the AJK under the Logistics and Inventory Unit. Our job was to count every single item/utensils i.e plates, cups, cutlery, pots, pans, jar, spatula and the list is endless; every single night after our stall is closed down usually at 11pm. During the day, our unit will help out all the other units with either cooking, promoting, cashier, wait tables, do the dishes and etc.
My schedule throughout the week was super packed I was lucky I could even breathe. I managed to not skip even a single class despite my exhaustion running the stall. So as a freshman, my medium of transport is mainly on foot. I walk everywhere. So let me give you a picture; the distance from my college to the stall site is twice the distance of my faculty from college. And I walked to and fro these 3 places every single day of that particular week.
So here's basically my schedule:
Monday: 2 lectures (1 test) & 2 tutorials (2 presentations), straight away duty at stall until 2 am back to college.
Tues: 3 hours of lecture > stall > class at Library > stall > 2 am college.
Wed: Stall > 1 lecture 2 tuto (1 presentation) > stall > meeting PEKUMA > 1 am college.
Thur: Stall > lecture > stall > lunch w Yoonju > Muzium Negara > Stall > Meeting FEA Night > Stall > 1 am college
Fri: Stall 8 am > Tuto 3-4pm > Stall until closing (post mortem) > Transferred everything back to college's dewan > sleep 2 am.
Saturday: HOME! :D
So itulah yang terjadi kepada saya.
Nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience filled with joy, laughter and smile. No regrets at all. It was awesome getting to know those people a lil bit better. Macam2 ragam, but that's the colour of life. Some vibrant, electric, pale, pastel, soft, loud but each special in its own way.
I might not talk very often. But I observe a lot. Thank you for the experience! :D
And thanks for reading ;)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Busy busy busy

It's 3 am now on my birthday. I have loads to share but I am currently very tired and sleepy. So, in the meantime I'd like to share some photos of my activities this past few weeks. Enjoy!
Vice Chancellor at our stall yawl!
 Astarians (1st college) and eventually everyone joined in on the flash mob.
 View of the stall site during FESKUM (Festival Konvokesyen UM)
 Our stall, cleaning up, done for the night.
 VC tried our satay and kerang bakar!
 A wonderful treat from Abang Atoi. Thank you :D
 Final post mortem on site before closing on the 5th day and transporting everything back to our college.
We were bored.
Ah, finally got to indulge in this gorgeous plate after craving it for long enough.
Siblings outing @ Subang Parade.
 My sister and her bowl of porridge.
 4th October, my mama's birthday hoorayyyy! :D
@ hometown Taiping.
 Kenduri Raya Haji. Our grandma did qurban this year so we all get to gather :)
 Sesampainya di rumah saya, terus konvoi ramai2 pegi makan Chinese Muslim food at Cahaya SPK club.
My little cousin who had to repeat UPSR. Hehh.
 Went for pop band FESENI audition the other night. Made it in. Nervous :/
And went for a random scuba diving class held in UM swimming pool.
Focussing on the instructor.
P/s definitely not naturally good at this >.<
Great but also terrifying new experience. Ahah.

Day 1 of Gerai Konvo La Phewitt 4th Bistro (Water Tribe)

Day 4 of duty (Air Nomad)

Lunch date with Efy, Linda and Yoonju. Had a great time. Kamsahamnida :D

In between class, duty at the stall and lunch date, 3 hours of my waking time that day was spent on doing Lawatan Ilmiah with my group mates for TITAS. We visited the Muzium Negara. What an adventure that day was.
Final day of stall duty. The look of my face pretty much has said it all, how exhausted I was the whole week.

Hari Sabtu check out dari college for a one week mid semester break! Weehooo :D

SMKBJ Reunion dinner Hangout Onzz! Met these fellas, my former prefect mates.
Ah Keong, my best friend :)

Sakhty :D

Theeban is that tall, hence the height of the camera.
The one and only, Ieka.

IKEA outing with Ieka :D
I will write about my stall project soon. So meanwhile, KEEP CALM AND GET SOME REST!
Good night.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pics oh pics

I'm gonna share some photos of my recent activities :) Enjoy!
Sel 8 members during Minggu Haluan Siswa (MHS) UM :)

Sel 8, Bestarians :D w/ PM Rayyan

Suasana DTC

View from up top

Some other KK's mascot.
Great Eastern Annual Dinner 2014

@ Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

Beautiful hall and pretty decos!

With another scholar, Yusop.

UM FEA senior, also scholar, Haow Ming :D

Rayy, creative pose ;)

Phua Chu Kang was there!!! And Mr Bean impersonator! Both were hilarious, I tell ya! Best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam (Y)

Thank you for having us! Great dinner :)

With Mr CEO! The most sporting CEO evahhh :D

Ni diaa roommates saya; Liza & Diba :D Great people! Matrics, Asasi & STPM; Johor, Sarawak & Shah Alam. Bergabung meletups! 

Mama Water Tribe, Mama Fasya. Cantik sangat T_T

Water Tribe y'alls. Whaddup?

Minggu Keluarga Bestari best! This year's theme, Avatar-ish. 4 empires (Air Nomad, Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom & Water Tribe) fought for the title as the strongest empire. Asgard (Empayar Halilintar) as the event organizers. Good job (Y)

Props mantop. Suasana sebelum event bermula. Mmg meriah sangat, ketawa pecah perut especially during malam kebudayaan XD Crack.
Weekends digunakan untuk hangout with them boys.

& Shahrul.

Ajim & Rifdi.
Econs Interactive Week.

Our team's logo!

Shrek team members :D Great people! Very cooperative.
Malam interview untuk projek2 kolej. Introducing my besties; from left Adilah, Mas and Efy!


Merdeka Walk organized by SKET in collaboration with community. 
Good morning! On the way to my fac. Greenery~
So that's all I could share for now. See ya in my next post :*