Monday, August 25, 2014

Raya w friends

So last week, finally, I got the chance to attend my friends' open house. The first one was Anura's.

Her house was renovated into a bigger corner lot house. The interior was done well and looked awesome (Y) Had nasi ayam dengan sambal yang teramat pedas. But anyways, sedap and kenyang. Thank you for having us :)

Sabtu malam pergi BBQ open house @ Armand's. Met many dearly-missed BJrians, the girls and the guys. Chatted and laughed a lot. Updated with what's everyone is currently doing. My girls are gonna fly to UK soon T_T Will definitely miss them a lot. Takpe, still got time to hangout. Oh and heard the details about Hangout Onzz, a BJ alumni reunion dinner from batch 2007-2011. Sounds awesome. And met a long lost friend, Baim. Kawan tuition time form 3. Banyak dah berubah. I didn't even remember his name and he didn't remember mine. But we did catch up that night~ Thanks Aman for having us :D Food was DELISH!

I'm the one in pink, chatting with ex-head prefect, Arief :)

Alright then on Sunday, tumpang Izzat (thanks bro) and went to Medina's house. Akhirnya sampai jugak ke teratak kawanku sorang ni, alhamdulillah. Rumah kayu very classic looking and designed by the very own, Ayah Medi, totally made me felt as if I was at a very homely kampung in the middle of a city. Coolio! 

We were served with lontong, kuey teow, rendang ayam and daging and watermelons as dessert. Then lepak2 ambik gambar makan kuih sampai masuk waktu Zuhur sebelum bergerak ke rumah Razny pulak. Sampai je rumah Razny, hujan turun dengan sangat lebat. Sini pulak makan spaghetti and fruit cocktail. By then I was really full. Thank you very much Medina and Razny! :D

P/s balik meredah hujan. Sorry Izzat and Fidzry, basah kuyup pun semangat lagi payungkan Mora. My bros forevah.

Melepak di ruang tamu.


Monopod credits to Pijah.

Paling kanan tu ha tuan rumah. Kamsahamnida!

Ootd with the girls.
Black peplum and jeans ;)

These 3 are really this flawless in real life, trust me.
One thing for sure is I'm not. Haha.

Alright so tomorrow I will be attending a farewell potluck party at school with our form 6 teachers and fellow ex-sixers. I still can't quite digest that I'll be leaving for uni in a week :O Not sure if I'm ready. Will update tomorrow.

Buenos noches :)