Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Raya in the city

Last weekend, sambung lagi beraya. So on Saturday, we went to visit my moyang in Putrajaya. Datang beraya sekali. Thank you for the food! Then, my cousins (Ieka, Syasya, Sofea, Shirin, Ain, Nurin, Afiq), my sister Aina and I hung out at the playground behind of the house. Well actually we had to accompany the kids who insisted to play there. Jadi apa lagi, bergambar la :D

After that, we head down to my nenek saudara's house in Sect. 19 Shah Alam. Lama jugak lah tak jumpa mereka ni. It was fun :) Berkonvoi ramai-ramai 3 families pergi beraya.

The next day which was Sunday, we were invited by my uncle to his house in Sect. 13 Shah Alam. We had an awesome delicious finger-licking good lunch and yummy dessert of triffle and float. After 3 hours of so, we then went to the 2nd and final house of the day, my cousin's cousin's house. Apa orang panggil, 2 pupu kan? Datang rumah dia makannn lagi. My diet was all ruined T_T This time, laksa johor and pavlova. But it was worth it because it tastes good!
Kamsahamnida everyone for the great hospitality :)

And now for some pics.

Ieka, Mora and little Ain chillin' at the park :)

Ieka in the house yaww. Love her outfit!

Nurin, Aina, Sofea and Amber :)

Candid ootd?

Just us, getting a lil crazy~

Khusyuk layan Despicable Me 2. Haha

So, that's about it so far. I have a couple of fun stuff scheduled for this week. Looking forward to it. Tomorrow I'll be hanging out with my girls, "MORAZANA day out" and I will totally update you guys all about it soon after. And also jamming sesh with the band this weekend. Hence, the continuous practice with my air drum. So that's that. And I'll get back to you guys later :D

Have a great week!