Monday, August 4, 2014

Raya 2014

First day of RAYA! Hoorayy!

Bangun pagi after breakfast, dgr takbir raya from the surau nearby. Tenang jiwa. Ahh, simple pleasure of life. A gift from Him. The weather that day was beautiful all morning. Mandi air bukit rasa nak beku otak but it sure was a good way to wake me up :B

So everyone has their own pagi raya tradition, well so do I. After sembahyang raya, we would gather around the hall to seek forgiveness from every member of the family and the time when duit raya was distributed. It begins with the eldest family member which was my atuk, nenek, uncle, aunty, my mum, my dad, and then my cousins oldest to youngest. Salam raya slow motion sbb sambil posing ambik gambar. Haha it was fun, could get pretty awkward sometimes (not all the time) but still it's a must each raya and I love it.

Then of course, we had a family photography session. This year we had it outdoors at the garage. Bunyi macam jauh je hahah :P Selagi tak penuh gallery phone selagi tu la belum selesai posing nya. Kahkahkah. But if you followed me on IG, you might notice that I didn't post even a single picture for Hari Raya. Wanna know why? Well, I was saving it for you guys! I don't know ada orang atau tak yg baca blog ni, but it's my way to show my love and appreciation to all of you :* Hahaha acah2 retis pulak.

Anyways, here are some pictures.

My atuk

Me familia

Excuse the not so nice view behind there.

Songkok senget tu yg mahal tu. Classic.

And out of all the other decent pictures of the three of us, I choose to upload this one. HAHA.

My cousin, Afiq.


My mummy. Do we look alike? 
P/s Gambar extremely cerah due to the outdoor lighting. 
Pp/s so that's my baju raya. Nothing fancy~


Second day of Raya our family organized an openhouse from noon till night. The main menu for the day were all homemade; Nasi Arab w roasted chickens, lemang w rendang and mee rebus. The side dishes were also all homemade; a variety of kuih raya including my pineapple tarts, butter cake, fruitcake and of course a syrup soda lemon punch.

In comparison to last year, I'll have to say this year not so many family members came exactly on that day. But either way, still ramai and I was working non-stop in the kitchen helping with the dishes alongside Ieka and Aina and also refilling the food & beverage. Some of our extended family came the next day and the day after. I told Ieka the night of raya,

Me: It's when we hear the loud laughs that we know, we're home.

She went all "AAWWW" and couldn't agree more. I had a fairly pleasant raya in kampung. Then raya ke-4 barulah dapat beraya dkt rumah family2 lain. Raya ke-5 bertolak balik dari kampung ke rumah pkl 8.50 pagi and Alhamdulillah sampai pukul 12 ptg, tak jam sangat fiuhh.

Here are some more photos!

#ootd raya ke-2. Siap bersinsing lengan tahu dah akan bertapa di depan sinki masa openhouse.
P/s for some reason matching dgn aina AGAIN. Haha :p

Adik beradik atuk and some of my mum's cousins.

All the single ladies #diva #beyonce

Bergambo depan my nenek's house.

Shereen, my youngest cousin. This gal wakes everybody up every morning. Even when we don't feel like getting up yet -.-" #truestory #sadlife

My sister and I heading to Chatime in Taiping Sentral :)

#ootd raya ke-4.
p/s lupa nak ambil full length picture. I'm actually wearing a Vietnamese traditional attire.

Jadi habislah cerita beraya di kampung. Up next will be raya moments in Selangor yawls. Stay tune for more. Good night :)