Sunday, August 3, 2014

Menjelang Aidilfitri

Buenos dias!

In this post I'd like to fill you guys up on my persiapan raya.

First and foremost, persiapan baju raya. So this year, we decided not to color coordinate. One of the main reason why is because we did not shop for raya anyway. My sister and I wore the baju kurungs that we bought from Vietnam last year. My dad and mum did a little last minute shopping one day before we balik kampung. While my brother? Didn't even bothered to buy anything because he had to work during raya week! Boo!

Next, balik kampung! So we chose Saturday to balik kampung. Right after sahur, the 4 of us got our things in the car and got dressed. After locking up the house, we started our journey from Shah Alam to Taiping, Perak at 7.30 am. Usually, our journey to Taiping would take around 3 hours. But that day, it took us 8 HOURS on the road. And to make things worst, our car's air-cond broke down. Imagine, stuck in jam, empty stomachs, sleepy dad, burning hot sun in our faces at noon, no air-cond for 8 hours straight! It was one heck of a journey. So we arrived at 3.30 pm and was flat out from that point. But then again, dapat berbuka di kampung dgn masakan nenek, it was worth it :)

My uncle's family (Ieka's family) arrived after midnight so we only get to meet during sahur the next day. Bangun sahur, sangat meriah dpt makan dgn cousins. And then climb back to bed haha. We all need to be well-rested for the next day.
I woke up quite early that last day of Ramadhan. I took some air outside of the house after breakfast and watched tv since nobody else was awake yet. At around 10 am, the work has just begun. Me and Ieka were a duo in the kitchen that day. Our first task was to make bawang goreng. Then we had to help with the lemang, tolong2 angkat mcm tu je.After that, all the chopping work went down to us. We had to dice up timun jepun, carrots, onions and tomatoes. Later that evening, we made burgers for berbuka. After isyak, I helped arranging my nenek's homemade kuih raya into decent containers to serve the guests the next few days. Then we went to bed.

Buluh kosong

Isi pulut dan santan dalam buluh. 

Hambik bawang kupas byk mana~

Almost lemang.

Juanda, my uncle's fav. Mine too!

Kuah mee rebus, all done.

Bahan2 nasi arab.

Rendang nenek. Tu diaaa habaq hang, besaq kemain periuk.

Fruitcake made by my nenek.

Tempat memasak lemang, tak payah nak tunggu tgh panas asap2 apa semua. Letak je dalam ni, nyalakan api and boleh masuk dalam berehat. This year we did 23 batang lemang and alhamdulillah semuanya masak dgn sempurna; takda yg hangit, takda kerak and amazingly soft.

Menu berbuka puasa terakhir di kampung halaman.

This chicken dish was yummay!

Okay so nilah aktiviti2 menjelang Aidilfitri. Sangat best bila dah besar ni dapat sama2 tolong di dapur.
Stay tuned for the next post, it will be about my Raya celebration! :D