Thursday, August 7, 2014


Oh hi there!

How was my day? It was really fun! So I went out with my friends today for a food hunting girls' day out. Despite Medina who couldn't make it today (which definitely made us felt incomplete), we went on with the plan. I fetched Filzah and Razny from their respective houses and drove to Section 13, Shah Alam. The moment they open the door to my car, I greeted them with a friendly
Me: Annyeonghasaeyo, unnie!
just to sort of suit the theme of the day.

We had our lunch at Gangnam Station, a halal korean restaurant, located at Laman Business Park. None of us ever had Korean food before and therefore decided to try it together. We had some bulgogi, soondubu jiggae, kimchi jiggae and ddukbokkie which literally translates into BBQ beef, soft tofu stew, kimchi stew and spicy rice cakes served alongside 6 side dishes and a bowl of rice each. Then they gave us this flat chopsticks. It looked so easy on TV but trust me, it was almost impossible to eat using those flat chopsticks.

I mean, the cylindrical ones are totally fine with me but the one given to us was oddly flat and rectangular, all 3 of us ate pretty awkwardly and eventually gave it up and just replaced it with a spoon.

Anyway, if I were to give a review on the restaurant (in a customer's POV of course) or on Korean food in general (provided that it was my first try at 1 restaurant), I would say that it wasn't easy on my Malaysian palette. It tasted a little bit complicated and confusing, especially for us first timers. I don't know if it's supposed to taste that way or the restaurant's own rendition/twist on the food is different, but as a whole, I didn't really like it, the food that is. The soondubu jiggae was the only exception because it was YUMMY; filled with mushrooms, tofu, an egg, lots of seafood and the stew was really delicious (Y)

Although, I do have to give credits to the restaurant itself for the awesome service (the waiters were all very nice), the set up of the place which totally felt like a real Korean restaurant somewhere in Seoul, the cutlery used and bowls and plates which I thought was unique and the effort, generally. Kudos! Just one little suggestion, you might wanna play Korean tunes instead of Indonesian songs in your shop. Odd to hear Cakra Khan in a Korean eatery, just sayin'.

Nonetheless, I had an awesome time with my friends. Laughed a lot and talked a lot. It was a great catch up with my girls.

Kamsahamnida unnie! Saranghae :D

In front of the shop


My lunch. Soft tofu stew :) Delightful.


Razny Sehun :P

P/s cantik kan? Sorry, she's taken. Muahaha.

Me with this 2 retis.

Kenyang perut, suka hati.

Dotd. Driver of the day.

3 happy kids. + monopod.

Fun day indeed.