Saturday, August 9, 2014

Jamming w ALTA

With my mentee, Fidzry.

A Letter To Alice (ALTA)

You did well my friend (Y)

Ambil posisi Isam (for photo purpose only) :p

The highlight of today was this jamming session with my current band, ALTA consisting of Syafiq (lead guitarist), Isam (vocalist), Izzat (bassist), Fidzry & Mora (drummers). We had a new addition to our band, introducing AFIQAH, our new Rhythm guitarist :) Welcome to the club!

We jammed at Groove Lab Studio somewhere in Padang Jawa. Credits to Izzat for the ride, thanks bruh. We played 4 songs today, 3 of which I played and 1 played by Fidzry (we took turns on the drums). He played Let The Flames Begin-Paramore and was the backup vocalist when I performed Decode-Paramore, Prom Queen-Bunkface and Keep Your Hands Off My Girl-Good Charlotte.

Everyone did awesome today. But if I were to award the Most Committed Player of the day, it would definitely go to Izzat Shairi. He did extremely well today and he seemed like he had more than enough practice for the jamming session. Fidzry and Afiqah were still a little shy but did good anyways while Isam might had some trouble rapping haha :p

Good job guys (Y) Can't wait for next time!