Sunday, August 3, 2014

Iftar '14

Okay haluuu! I decided that the previous post will be continued...right away.

Dua minggu akhir puasa barulah banyak aktiviti iftar di luar. Haa antaranya, iftar ex-sixers SSAAS di Pizza Hut, SACC Mall. Ramai jugak yang datang. Maybe that was the last iftar ramai2 bcse after this semua ambil haluan sendiri untuk ke uni mengejar impian masing2. I feel grateful to be introduced to these people, they've taught me a lot about this bittersweet life. Memories, good and bad ones will remain forever in my thoughts :') And I am thankful for both memories because I owe to it what I know now.

Then ada lagi satu iftar. This time with my BJrians ex-classmates. Without us planning it, bila semua org sampai dkt Secret Recipe BJ, we realized that everyone around the table was from 3 Omega. So, it was kinda like a mini form 3 reunion la that night. And we got to meet JABBAR! He was on vacay in Malaysia to settle some stuff and to catch up after 3 years of moving out to Melbourne. It was when all of us gathered that I realized how much I miss them. We talked and reminisced hilarious incidents in class back in 2009. And apparently, 2009 was the best year for all of us and it all went downhill after that because we were separated into different schools and classes.

I laughed too hard that night my stomach and cheeks got super tight XD Especially with Elora, Jabbar and Haziq around. Memang tak boleh bla. Gandingan hebat. And it was nice seeing AJ again after what felt like forever since he left the country. His physical attribute didn't change that much (though he did became skinnier somehow) but he did grasped the Aussie accent (Y) Awesome! Overall it was a great night :D

Oh and lastly of course, my parents held a small iftar at my house for our close family members. Potluck iftar with a dessert of assorted fruits after solat terawih; rambutans, durians, manggis, binjai. Sampai pukul 2 pagi bersembang. Us cousins gathered in my room and played Uno Spin. Too much laughs :)

That's all for now. See ya soon for cerita Raya pulak!
Good night.