Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fri & Sat

Update on Friday and Saturday activity.

On Friday, hung out with Husna and Rifdi at Extreme Park for breakfast before the other guys joined us. We talked and ate and talked some more.

Figuring out how to include everyone in the pic w/o monopod.

I am a morning person, trust me.

A catch up sesh that I'd call "ringkas tapi padat." Thanks everyone!

Today (Saturday), pagi2 dalam cuaca hujan and freezing cold, my sister and I went to SKBJ to help at the Closed Chess Tournament as alumni of the chess representative back then during primary school. We were the arbiter whom task is to ensure a fair and square game and help players on basic chess rules (ensuring they don't break it altogether). It was nice to see many participants from pre-school, tahap 1 and tahap 2 students. Good job for the winners and keep learning beginners :) The effort was remarkable and most of the games were funny XD

After Zuhur terus bergerak ke Putrajaya for 2 openhouses in the same neighborhood; my nenek saudara and my aunty (I guess? Bottom line is we're related). Met the bigger branch of my family. Almost everyone was there. And I suddenly came to a realization that ramai gila babies -.-" Like every family mesti ada at least 1 or 2 babies. At one point I was like, "Babies, babies everywhere." Haha cuteness overload! :O

And they have awesome names too; Aidan, Aariz, Mia, Jemima, Amber, Amanda, Falah etc.

Now I'm at home, tired. Body aching due to intense workout yesterday. So now I wanna hit the sack. Good night! Some photos before I go.

Me in red. Hijab by Flying Nomad, credits to Mak Ngah for the gift :D

The swimming pool seemed tempting.

Mora, Aina, Tisya. The house overlooking Putrajaya Bridge, colorful at night. Prettay!