Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fit Malaysia

Scrolling down on Twitter this past couple of days I saw #FitMalaysia everywhere. In my opinion, it's an amazing initiative by the Ministry of Sports to encourage Malaysians to stay fit and healthy. As a newspaper once revealed, Malaysian hold the #1 rank among all ASEAN countries as the country with the highest obesity rate. And to me, that's a shame.

Through this program, exercising is promoted in various forms. I totally agree, exercising doesn't have to be done only on the field, or in the gym; you can simply take the stairs to your office, jog, do quick simple workouts on the couch during commercial breaks, washing your car or mopping the floor. It doesn't matter how you'd prefer it as long as you do it consistently. Well of course followed by a balanced and healthy diet.

Not only you'll look good, you'll prevent dread diseases altogether! So come on, Malaysia. Let's stay fit! ;)

My workout routine (if you'd like to follow);

Alternate leg drops w crunches
Flutter & scissor kicks
Mountain climbers
Alternate star crunches
Bicycle and V-crunches
Side & Russian twist
Plank & side planks

It's either that, or just simply jogging and arms workout. I'm not saying I'm totally fit or healthy, but I feel good. Good luck :)