Sunday, August 3, 2014

Check it out


So, almost 2 months dah Mora tak update blog. Mintak ampun. Maklumlah, busy/malas haha. Therefore, I will try my best to recap every little activity this past couple of months.

First of all, there was my band breakfast hangout which then led to a tour at Laman Seni #LorongBelakang in Section 7. It was me, Fidzry, Syafiq, Ijat and Isam. We took loads of pictures at the creative 3D artworks of local artists in which all of em held a deep and relevant message to this country. One of my favorite was the #Melting which portrayed the current global warming issue and a little familiar scene of my childhood game, Mario Bros. 

Next outing was before puasa. Rifdi and I went to our former school, SSAAS punya Hari Keusahawanan. Too bad our Ghost House annual tradition weren't continued this year due to our junior's packed schedule. Anyways, congratulations on the gold medal in the futsal tournament! You guys did well :D Anyhow, I had an awesome time meeting my dearest teachers and besties (Raz & Fil). Later that afternoon, Rifdi, Halim and I had a catch-up lunch at BK.

Right the next day, I attended a majlis anugerah STPM peringkat Selangor at a hotel in Klang. My dad drove and accompanied me throughout the event. I had a good time meeting and getting to know new friends from school's all over Selangor. They were all really nice and friendly. The event ended promptly before Solat Jumaat so we headed back home directly. Oh and Pn Shirin was there as well :) Visit my IG for more photos of the event.

Then, the Holy month arrived! It was RAMADHAN! Well, most of the time we ate sahur and berbuka at home je. Pergi bazaar pun about 2-3 times je, yg selalu pergi restaurant dkt TTDI Jaya beli lauk bawak balik rumah. Senang sikit, tak payah bersesak-sesak dkt bazar Ramadhan tu kan. 

But this year's Ramadhan was the most challenging one so far. Around half way through Ramadhan, we received a very unfortunate news. My father's mother, my grandma that is, was diagnosed with an incurable disease and was admitted to the hospital. We booked the earliest flight and flew to Kelantan right away. It was heart-wrenching to see her condition. We had sahur dekat gerai tepi jalan and berbuka with fruits before going out for dinner every night for 3 days before flying back home.

Then, it was RAZNY's birthday! Me and Filzah spontaneously planned a surprise for her the night of her birthday. Razny dah emo gila2 dah kata Fidzry, "Kwn2 baik aku tak wish pun." Siap tweet dgn penuh emosi, "Takpe, aku okay." Little did she know we went to surprise her at her workplace and brought her brownies and cake. Takkan lah kitorg lupa -.-" Happy 20th Razny! :D

Alright sampai sini je dulu. Next post sambung lagi pasal iftar events.
I love your pretty faces, readers! :*