Monday, August 25, 2014

Raya w friends

So last week, finally, I got the chance to attend my friends' open house. The first one was Anura's.

Her house was renovated into a bigger corner lot house. The interior was done well and looked awesome (Y) Had nasi ayam dengan sambal yang teramat pedas. But anyways, sedap and kenyang. Thank you for having us :)

Sabtu malam pergi BBQ open house @ Armand's. Met many dearly-missed BJrians, the girls and the guys. Chatted and laughed a lot. Updated with what's everyone is currently doing. My girls are gonna fly to UK soon T_T Will definitely miss them a lot. Takpe, still got time to hangout. Oh and heard the details about Hangout Onzz, a BJ alumni reunion dinner from batch 2007-2011. Sounds awesome. And met a long lost friend, Baim. Kawan tuition time form 3. Banyak dah berubah. I didn't even remember his name and he didn't remember mine. But we did catch up that night~ Thanks Aman for having us :D Food was DELISH!

I'm the one in pink, chatting with ex-head prefect, Arief :)

Alright then on Sunday, tumpang Izzat (thanks bro) and went to Medina's house. Akhirnya sampai jugak ke teratak kawanku sorang ni, alhamdulillah. Rumah kayu very classic looking and designed by the very own, Ayah Medi, totally made me felt as if I was at a very homely kampung in the middle of a city. Coolio! 

We were served with lontong, kuey teow, rendang ayam and daging and watermelons as dessert. Then lepak2 ambik gambar makan kuih sampai masuk waktu Zuhur sebelum bergerak ke rumah Razny pulak. Sampai je rumah Razny, hujan turun dengan sangat lebat. Sini pulak makan spaghetti and fruit cocktail. By then I was really full. Thank you very much Medina and Razny! :D

P/s balik meredah hujan. Sorry Izzat and Fidzry, basah kuyup pun semangat lagi payungkan Mora. My bros forevah.

Melepak di ruang tamu.


Monopod credits to Pijah.

Paling kanan tu ha tuan rumah. Kamsahamnida!

Ootd with the girls.
Black peplum and jeans ;)

These 3 are really this flawless in real life, trust me.
One thing for sure is I'm not. Haha.

Alright so tomorrow I will be attending a farewell potluck party at school with our form 6 teachers and fellow ex-sixers. I still can't quite digest that I'll be leaving for uni in a week :O Not sure if I'm ready. Will update tomorrow.

Buenos noches :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


So yesterday I went to Space U8 to catch a movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy. I know I know, long overdue. The movie was fun! As Izzat said he'd give it a 12 out of 10. Marvel movie, never not awesome ay.

Anyway, so after I parked, I entered the lift. There were 2 elevators, but the one on the right was Out Of Order. There were 3 adult guys inside wearing matching uniforms and chatting to each other, as the lift door was closing, 2 girls entered. All of us pressed our respective level buttons; 2,3 and 4. So there's 3 guys and 3 girls in the lift.

We were from level G so the elevator should be going up and stopping along the way. But it didn't. It went down to level B (Basement). Well I thought somebody might have pressed the button down there. As the lift went down, all of the sudden the lights went OFF. It was PITCH BLACK and the screen wrote Out Of Order! I panicked a little but managed to keep it in.

But as we reached the B level, without any lights in the lift, the door opened. The couple in front of the door saw that something was wrong w the lift decided not to ride it. Amazingly, none of us got out. I was scared as hell but I don't have time to take the escalator since I was heading to the topmost floor, Level 4.

Then, the lift door closes again and one of the guy joked;

Guy A: Nasib baik kami ni kuat iman.
Guy B & C: Hahaha.

Me: (Not helping, dude)

As a claustrophobic myself, the whole situation made me freak out inside. Luckily, the lift took us up and the lights were on again the whole way up.

Fiiuhhhh. That was something. Alhamdulillah, Allah saved me.

Claustrophobia is fear of small spaces. I am not a claustrophobic, but something to do with it jugak lah. I am scared of being physically stuck, in all possible ways. It scares me too much that I wouldn't even take any risks. For instance; ring stuck to finger, any body parts stuck in a gap etc. I just can't. Even macam bila kita try cincin, nak cabut tu dia ketat sikit, I'd freak out. Hahaha yeah, so there you go. Another not-so-interesting fact about me.

Okay, that's about it. Good night :)

P/s medical check-up tomorrow.

Fit Malaysia

Scrolling down on Twitter this past couple of days I saw #FitMalaysia everywhere. In my opinion, it's an amazing initiative by the Ministry of Sports to encourage Malaysians to stay fit and healthy. As a newspaper once revealed, Malaysian hold the #1 rank among all ASEAN countries as the country with the highest obesity rate. And to me, that's a shame.

Through this program, exercising is promoted in various forms. I totally agree, exercising doesn't have to be done only on the field, or in the gym; you can simply take the stairs to your office, jog, do quick simple workouts on the couch during commercial breaks, washing your car or mopping the floor. It doesn't matter how you'd prefer it as long as you do it consistently. Well of course followed by a balanced and healthy diet.

Not only you'll look good, you'll prevent dread diseases altogether! So come on, Malaysia. Let's stay fit! ;)

My workout routine (if you'd like to follow);

Alternate leg drops w crunches
Flutter & scissor kicks
Mountain climbers
Alternate star crunches
Bicycle and V-crunches
Side & Russian twist
Plank & side planks

It's either that, or just simply jogging and arms workout. I'm not saying I'm totally fit or healthy, but I feel good. Good luck :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014


My Sunday activity this week includes shopping @ Subang Parade with my family and went to my uncle's house for a lunch gathering. Before going home, dropped by Jaya Grocer to get a few stuff.

Petang jogging depan rumah. Sekarang penat.


Baru perasan diorang matching. 2 of my favorite ladies.

My cheerful self hahahaha.

Dah 3 hari I wore red to occasions, if you guys realize. I don't know why but I feel really confident in red. It's a warm and happy color. Plus I happen to have many hand-me-downs from my mum all in red -.- Great.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fri & Sat

Update on Friday and Saturday activity.

On Friday, hung out with Husna and Rifdi at Extreme Park for breakfast before the other guys joined us. We talked and ate and talked some more.

Figuring out how to include everyone in the pic w/o monopod.

I am a morning person, trust me.

A catch up sesh that I'd call "ringkas tapi padat." Thanks everyone!

Today (Saturday), pagi2 dalam cuaca hujan and freezing cold, my sister and I went to SKBJ to help at the Closed Chess Tournament as alumni of the chess representative back then during primary school. We were the arbiter whom task is to ensure a fair and square game and help players on basic chess rules (ensuring they don't break it altogether). It was nice to see many participants from pre-school, tahap 1 and tahap 2 students. Good job for the winners and keep learning beginners :) The effort was remarkable and most of the games were funny XD

After Zuhur terus bergerak ke Putrajaya for 2 openhouses in the same neighborhood; my nenek saudara and my aunty (I guess? Bottom line is we're related). Met the bigger branch of my family. Almost everyone was there. And I suddenly came to a realization that ramai gila babies -.-" Like every family mesti ada at least 1 or 2 babies. At one point I was like, "Babies, babies everywhere." Haha cuteness overload! :O

And they have awesome names too; Aidan, Aariz, Mia, Jemima, Amber, Amanda, Falah etc.

Now I'm at home, tired. Body aching due to intense workout yesterday. So now I wanna hit the sack. Good night! Some photos before I go.

Me in red. Hijab by Flying Nomad, credits to Mak Ngah for the gift :D

The swimming pool seemed tempting.

Mora, Aina, Tisya. The house overlooking Putrajaya Bridge, colorful at night. Prettay!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So today was the day. The day all of last year's STPM-ers, matric and diploma students have been waiting for. The day of UPU result.

As an STPMer myself, I've been doing nothing since November last year, that's almost 10 months already. Most of my friends worked part time in that duration, but me, being the lazy one just stayed at home and do house chores, giving way for my mum to focus on her job. At the same time, I am starting to worry that after leaving books and studies aside for quite a long time, my brain might be a little rusty.

Alright straight to the point, as I checked my result at about 2 pm today (line opens at 12pm), I was blessed with my first choice of uni and course offered to me. Alhamdulillah syukur! Berkat doa keluarga, teachers and friends. Thank you all :')

And then a trusted source told me that for my batch, only 13 out of 40+ received an offer from uni. Congratulations to those who have made it! Best of luck my friends :)

However, I do feel sorry for the rest who tried their best as well. Do not give up! There's still 2nd intake. Ada tu rezeki masing2. Mungkin bukan skrg tp akan datang pasti ada hikmahnya. Perjalanan kita dah disusun, kita hanya perlu hadapinya dgn sabar dan tenang. Alright guys? Good luck the second time around (Y)

So as for now, there are a lot of stuff to be sorted before registration day; medical check up, preparation, loads of borang to fill up etc. I'll be off for orientation week starting 1st of September. Class will start on the next Monday after that. I am nervous but also looking forward to it. This will be the beginning of a new phase in my life. Hopefully everything will run smoothly, amin.

P/s starting from then on I might not be able to update my blog quite too often. But I will try :) Thank you for still reading, loyal readers :*
Pp/s big thanks to my senior who gave some handy heads up of what's to come. See you around!

Good night.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Bila hangout dgn kawan2 sebaya, semua dok cerita pasal nak kahwin. Then they asked, "What about you?"

Well honestly, belum terlintas di fikiran lagi pasal kahwin ni. I mean yes, first of all belum ada calon. Tapi tu minor factor je dalam hal ni.

The situation I'm in currently and what I have to deal with on a daily basis has shown me a little sneak peak of whats to come if I were to get married. Responsibilities that you cannot neglect, no matter how tired and annoyed you are, you cannot withdraw from it. Takda cop cop cop, pause jap. Tak boleh patah balik.

If before, you can choose not to eat all day simply because you're not hungry, but after you get married, even if you're not hungry, there are mouths to feed in the house. You are responsible to manage the household. To make sure there's food on the table, there's clothes to wear, ensuring the house is clean, organizing and syncing your life with your other half & kids. And then there's a lot of legal stuff to handle; property, land, road tax, bank stuff, your kids' school things.

Senang cerita, just by looking at my mum; her activities, routines, skills, bravery and perseverance, I know I'm nowhere close to being as awesome of a mother/wife as she is. She's not just strong for herself, but also gives strength to her kids as well. And that's not easy to do.

Don't get me wrong though. I WANT to get married SOMEDAY. Just not yet. Not now. I'm only 20 years old. I want to accomplish something first. I want to be a good wife/mother. And I'm not nearly ready mentally. But jodoh tu ketentuan Ilahi, takda siapa tahu. Kalau datang jodoh tu, alhamdulillah dan InsyaAllah tak dapatlah saya nak menidakkannya lagi.

Anyways, ini cuma pandangan saya. Terpulang kepada masing2 untuk menilai sama ada diri mereka sudah bersedia atau tidak. Semua orang ada sebab masing2. Dan jika dah sampai tahap wajib/harus kahwin, kahwinlah anda untuk mengelakkan perkara maksiat ye. Allahualam.

P/s just a little sharing so that we can all achieve a successful marriage. Amin :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Jamming w ALTA

With my mentee, Fidzry.

A Letter To Alice (ALTA)

You did well my friend (Y)

Ambil posisi Isam (for photo purpose only) :p

The highlight of today was this jamming session with my current band, ALTA consisting of Syafiq (lead guitarist), Isam (vocalist), Izzat (bassist), Fidzry & Mora (drummers). We had a new addition to our band, introducing AFIQAH, our new Rhythm guitarist :) Welcome to the club!

We jammed at Groove Lab Studio somewhere in Padang Jawa. Credits to Izzat for the ride, thanks bruh. We played 4 songs today, 3 of which I played and 1 played by Fidzry (we took turns on the drums). He played Let The Flames Begin-Paramore and was the backup vocalist when I performed Decode-Paramore, Prom Queen-Bunkface and Keep Your Hands Off My Girl-Good Charlotte.

Everyone did awesome today. But if I were to award the Most Committed Player of the day, it would definitely go to Izzat Shairi. He did extremely well today and he seemed like he had more than enough practice for the jamming session. Fidzry and Afiqah were still a little shy but did good anyways while Isam might had some trouble rapping haha :p

Good job guys (Y) Can't wait for next time!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Biasalah dgn mora, mesti ada incident pelik2.

So masa park kereta tu saja la I turunkan tingkap sikit sbb masa tu panas gila and my dad selalu pesan suruh bukak tingkap takut pressure in the car tinggi sangat etc etc. Then kitorg(refer previous post) pun pegi la lunch lebih kurang 2 hours++ jugak la makan. After dah bayar apa semua kitorang pun pegi la semula ke kereta.

The moment I opened my door which was to the driver's seat, something fell into the "pocket" of the door. Ala you know that thing, tempat kita selalu letak syiling tu, sebaris dgn button tingkap tu ha. Tiba2 ada benda warna light brown fell inside it. I gathered all my courage to peek inside.


I screamed, to which my friends came running towards me in curiosity. Then Filzah, being the bravest one ambik tissue and buang the dead cicak.

Razny: Wey, hidup lg ke? Mati ke? Gerak ke? Wey aku takut ni.

Hahaha cuak razny. I wasn't afraid, just geli nak pick it up, dgn badan dia lembik tu kan. *goosebumps*

Anyways, lepas ni fikir dua tiga kali sebelum nak buka tingkap. HAHAHA mana datang tah binatang tu, bukan ada bumbung pun tmpt parking tu, yg best tu siap dah mati lagi. HAHAHAHAHA kelakar pun ada bila fikir balik XD



Oh hi there!

How was my day? It was really fun! So I went out with my friends today for a food hunting girls' day out. Despite Medina who couldn't make it today (which definitely made us felt incomplete), we went on with the plan. I fetched Filzah and Razny from their respective houses and drove to Section 13, Shah Alam. The moment they open the door to my car, I greeted them with a friendly
Me: Annyeonghasaeyo, unnie!
just to sort of suit the theme of the day.

We had our lunch at Gangnam Station, a halal korean restaurant, located at Laman Business Park. None of us ever had Korean food before and therefore decided to try it together. We had some bulgogi, soondubu jiggae, kimchi jiggae and ddukbokkie which literally translates into BBQ beef, soft tofu stew, kimchi stew and spicy rice cakes served alongside 6 side dishes and a bowl of rice each. Then they gave us this flat chopsticks. It looked so easy on TV but trust me, it was almost impossible to eat using those flat chopsticks.

I mean, the cylindrical ones are totally fine with me but the one given to us was oddly flat and rectangular, all 3 of us ate pretty awkwardly and eventually gave it up and just replaced it with a spoon.

Anyway, if I were to give a review on the restaurant (in a customer's POV of course) or on Korean food in general (provided that it was my first try at 1 restaurant), I would say that it wasn't easy on my Malaysian palette. It tasted a little bit complicated and confusing, especially for us first timers. I don't know if it's supposed to taste that way or the restaurant's own rendition/twist on the food is different, but as a whole, I didn't really like it, the food that is. The soondubu jiggae was the only exception because it was YUMMY; filled with mushrooms, tofu, an egg, lots of seafood and the stew was really delicious (Y)

Although, I do have to give credits to the restaurant itself for the awesome service (the waiters were all very nice), the set up of the place which totally felt like a real Korean restaurant somewhere in Seoul, the cutlery used and bowls and plates which I thought was unique and the effort, generally. Kudos! Just one little suggestion, you might wanna play Korean tunes instead of Indonesian songs in your shop. Odd to hear Cakra Khan in a Korean eatery, just sayin'.

Nonetheless, I had an awesome time with my friends. Laughed a lot and talked a lot. It was a great catch up with my girls.

Kamsahamnida unnie! Saranghae :D

In front of the shop


My lunch. Soft tofu stew :) Delightful.


Razny Sehun :P

P/s cantik kan? Sorry, she's taken. Muahaha.

Me with this 2 retis.

Kenyang perut, suka hati.

Dotd. Driver of the day.

3 happy kids. + monopod.

Fun day indeed.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


So one night, Ieka and I were talking about some awesome books we've read. And she brought up this title and told me what it was about. She lend the book to me and I was up all night that night reading it from cover to cover.

Sofa Biru - a collection of urban poems written by Nadhira Brundage. It's a brilliant book that touches about current issues, love, anger and just sincere expression from the heart of a young women. The poems were all so casual but nevertheless deep and full of emotions. Great job!

"pernah sakit
tapi tak pernah sesakit itu
kerna pernah cinta
tapi tak pernah sedalam itu."

-Sofa Biru-

Raya in the city

Last weekend, sambung lagi beraya. So on Saturday, we went to visit my moyang in Putrajaya. Datang beraya sekali. Thank you for the food! Then, my cousins (Ieka, Syasya, Sofea, Shirin, Ain, Nurin, Afiq), my sister Aina and I hung out at the playground behind of the house. Well actually we had to accompany the kids who insisted to play there. Jadi apa lagi, bergambar la :D

After that, we head down to my nenek saudara's house in Sect. 19 Shah Alam. Lama jugak lah tak jumpa mereka ni. It was fun :) Berkonvoi ramai-ramai 3 families pergi beraya.

The next day which was Sunday, we were invited by my uncle to his house in Sect. 13 Shah Alam. We had an awesome delicious finger-licking good lunch and yummy dessert of triffle and float. After 3 hours of so, we then went to the 2nd and final house of the day, my cousin's cousin's house. Apa orang panggil, 2 pupu kan? Datang rumah dia makannn lagi. My diet was all ruined T_T This time, laksa johor and pavlova. But it was worth it because it tastes good!
Kamsahamnida everyone for the great hospitality :)

And now for some pics.

Ieka, Mora and little Ain chillin' at the park :)

Ieka in the house yaww. Love her outfit!

Nurin, Aina, Sofea and Amber :)

Candid ootd?

Just us, getting a lil crazy~

Khusyuk layan Despicable Me 2. Haha

So, that's about it so far. I have a couple of fun stuff scheduled for this week. Looking forward to it. Tomorrow I'll be hanging out with my girls, "MORAZANA day out" and I will totally update you guys all about it soon after. And also jamming sesh with the band this weekend. Hence, the continuous practice with my air drum. So that's that. And I'll get back to you guys later :D

Have a great week!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Raya 2014

First day of RAYA! Hoorayy!

Bangun pagi after breakfast, dgr takbir raya from the surau nearby. Tenang jiwa. Ahh, simple pleasure of life. A gift from Him. The weather that day was beautiful all morning. Mandi air bukit rasa nak beku otak but it sure was a good way to wake me up :B

So everyone has their own pagi raya tradition, well so do I. After sembahyang raya, we would gather around the hall to seek forgiveness from every member of the family and the time when duit raya was distributed. It begins with the eldest family member which was my atuk, nenek, uncle, aunty, my mum, my dad, and then my cousins oldest to youngest. Salam raya slow motion sbb sambil posing ambik gambar. Haha it was fun, could get pretty awkward sometimes (not all the time) but still it's a must each raya and I love it.

Then of course, we had a family photography session. This year we had it outdoors at the garage. Bunyi macam jauh je hahah :P Selagi tak penuh gallery phone selagi tu la belum selesai posing nya. Kahkahkah. But if you followed me on IG, you might notice that I didn't post even a single picture for Hari Raya. Wanna know why? Well, I was saving it for you guys! I don't know ada orang atau tak yg baca blog ni, but it's my way to show my love and appreciation to all of you :* Hahaha acah2 retis pulak.

Anyways, here are some pictures.

My atuk

Me familia

Excuse the not so nice view behind there.

Songkok senget tu yg mahal tu. Classic.

And out of all the other decent pictures of the three of us, I choose to upload this one. HAHA.

My cousin, Afiq.


My mummy. Do we look alike? 
P/s Gambar extremely cerah due to the outdoor lighting. 
Pp/s so that's my baju raya. Nothing fancy~


Second day of Raya our family organized an openhouse from noon till night. The main menu for the day were all homemade; Nasi Arab w roasted chickens, lemang w rendang and mee rebus. The side dishes were also all homemade; a variety of kuih raya including my pineapple tarts, butter cake, fruitcake and of course a syrup soda lemon punch.

In comparison to last year, I'll have to say this year not so many family members came exactly on that day. But either way, still ramai and I was working non-stop in the kitchen helping with the dishes alongside Ieka and Aina and also refilling the food & beverage. Some of our extended family came the next day and the day after. I told Ieka the night of raya,

Me: It's when we hear the loud laughs that we know, we're home.

She went all "AAWWW" and couldn't agree more. I had a fairly pleasant raya in kampung. Then raya ke-4 barulah dapat beraya dkt rumah family2 lain. Raya ke-5 bertolak balik dari kampung ke rumah pkl 8.50 pagi and Alhamdulillah sampai pukul 12 ptg, tak jam sangat fiuhh.

Here are some more photos!

#ootd raya ke-2. Siap bersinsing lengan tahu dah akan bertapa di depan sinki masa openhouse.
P/s for some reason matching dgn aina AGAIN. Haha :p

Adik beradik atuk and some of my mum's cousins.

All the single ladies #diva #beyonce

Bergambo depan my nenek's house.

Shereen, my youngest cousin. This gal wakes everybody up every morning. Even when we don't feel like getting up yet -.-" #truestory #sadlife

My sister and I heading to Chatime in Taiping Sentral :)

#ootd raya ke-4.
p/s lupa nak ambil full length picture. I'm actually wearing a Vietnamese traditional attire.

Jadi habislah cerita beraya di kampung. Up next will be raya moments in Selangor yawls. Stay tune for more. Good night :)