Monday, May 26, 2014


It has been a busy week for me and right now I'm free.

I went back to my hometown because my grandfather had a surgery the other day. Unfortunately, I only get to stay for a day because I have interviews scheduled for the weekend. I felt a little bit sad not being able to help out my grandmother at the hospital when she needed it most.

Last Saturday was the day of my Uitm interview. So as soon as the registration counter opened, I lined up and register. I was the first person to be interviewed. The interviewers were really nice and friendly. Alhamdulillah, it ended pretty fast and I get to go home early.

And the next day, which was Sunday, which was yesterday, I had another interview in UM. I registered and waited for my turn. I was 4th out of 13 candidates in my panel. While I waited for my turn, my heart was pumping really fast. It was nerve-wrecking. I'll spare the details but I did my best and hopefully it'll turn out good. I really want this. And I hope they see that in me.
My passion, the fire in my eyes.

InsyaAllah, Amin.
Good night!

P/s I need a getaway. School holidays' coming real soon :)