Monday, May 19, 2014

Cleaning spree!

I named last week as "THE SPRING CLEANING WEEK".

Although we don't have 4 seasons in Malaysia, I have dedicated last week to cleaning, re-organizing and redecorating my dear bedroom. I took down the old wall decor and made my own brand new mini-blog in front of my study table. In which ironically, is exactly where I'm updating my blog right now. Hmmmm.


I attached a couple of strings and hung my short term goals, daily quotes, to-do list and photos with some cute clips that I got as a gift from my aunt :) Thanks Mak Long (Y)

I also (finally) decided to organize my closet which includes throwing away old unwearable clothes, hanging my formal clothes and arranging them accordingly and also gathering up clothes to give away to charity.
I've been wanting to do it a long time ago but I guess I got a little bit carried away somehow. So what motivated me to finally organize my wardrobe are these 3 "events":

1. Had a chat with my cousin, Ieka. And she told me she was cleaning up her wardrobe.
2. I opened the topmost closet door and a bag of baju kurung almost hit my head. (Managed to save it though, jyeah!)
3. I stumbled upon a quote on the net which goes like this, "Yesterday you said tomorrow." Deep.

Hahaha so tu je lah basically. Apart from the usual Sunday morning tutoring (last class) and workout sesh at home, oh wait have I told you guys I quit gym class? I bought my own dumbbells and I wanted to workout on specific parts of my body, so I searched for some great workout tutorial online and simply have my workouts at home, daily! Plus nowadays, the weather had been very unpredictable so I don't wanna risk.

Soooo that was last week's activities.