Monday, May 5, 2014

5 Sundays

Every Sunday since 3 weeks ago, I've been holding Econs tuition class as requested by my Pre-U juniors. With only 2 Sundays remaining before their 2nd Sem exam begins, they've been attending my class every week. So kudos! Keep up the effort guys!

Alongside of this new "activity" of mine, I was also invited by SMK SSAAS to give a talk during Pre-U Orientation Day this week. So new juniors will come in to join our Form 6 family, so as super seniors, our beloved teacher requested the 10 of "us" to hold some motivational activities for the current seniors and newcomers in school.

We've planned a few light activities because speech and just talking is sooooo boring, even we ourselves hate it. Hahaha :P so far so good, we've got all the super seniors to cooperate. I'll let you know how it goes later on :D Hoping for everything to go well according to plan. Aminn.

The "us" I was referring to (plus Ali and Halim)

From left: Lily, Anura, Mora, Ben, Medi, Intan, Elvi, Kana.

Alright then, adios!