Thursday, April 24, 2014

Taste of Freedom

HEYYA READERS! Long time no see :D 

Where have I been? Oh quite busy, enjoying life :)

Sebenarnya lah kan, sejak dah bebas ni kan, I realized that I was able to have some ME time. I can go anywhere without having to inform or report to anyone else except to my parents. I can hang out with my friends without having to pick any priority, and sometimes I hang out alone at random cafe's. Grocery shopping, learning how to cook, help out with daily chores, catch up with friends, watch movies and actually LIVING MY LIFE.

I've been dead before, maybe not so noticeable on the outside, but even I can feel it on the inside. My life was boring, it was dull. I let one person control my life until by the end of the day, I didn't even recognize who I was anymore. I give in, tolerated and tried to be understanding because I thought that person will do the same. I felt unappreciated.

Looking back at it, I realized that it was the perfect example of the worst kind of relay that I wanted. For the first time I let my heart take control of my head. And look where it has brought me. I freed myself. I wanna be me. I realized that I wasn't ready for all this mushy stuff, I wasn't matured enough for such commitment.

Now I've been doing things that I love, drumming, teaching, cooking, reading and my current favorite activity; working out. I currently feel good about my health, my body is in shape for the first time in my life, and I managed to build my stamina. I no longer take evening naps and my family also saw improvement in my posture. They no longer complain about me slouching like a shrimp when I walk :P

So yeah, good progress so far. As for now, I'm planning my future.

Wise words from my mum:
"Sementara muda lagi ni, belajar habis-habisan. Capai apa nak dicapai. Nanti dah kahwin susah nak sambung belajar, byk komitmen lain."- Mama :)

InsyaAllah. Alhamdulillah. Subhanallah.