Monday, April 7, 2014

Last Day in Bandung

DAY 6- Final Day of Vacation

28/3/2014. It was a Friday. We were given a few hours of free time at the hotel after breakfast. So after breakfast, we packed our bags and checked out of The Promenade Hotel in Bandung. At 11 am, we got onto the bus and was brought to do some final shopping.

First destination was Kartika Sari. My kind of heaven on earth! Kartika Sari is a place to buy Bandung's signature chips, brownies, rotisserie, chocolates, candies, cheese cakes and other snacks. Rambang mata dkt sini, tapi tak boleh beli banyak sbb luggage dah wrapped and locked and full to the brim. Tu pun nasib ada bawak hand carry yg quite big, dpt jugak membeli. Kartika Sari ni boleh dikatakan wajib pergi la kalau vacation di Bandung.

Next stop was the Rumah Tas (House of Bags). Nobody really bought anything here sbb takda tempat nak letak lagi dah. Plus, takut luggage exceed weight-limit. If only we were brought here earlier, we would have borong macam2 T_T

After that, the bus drove us straight to the airport to check-in our luggage and go through all the fussy standard procedure. I felt quite sad having to part from the tour guide, the bus driver and the assistant driver which had helped us too much throughout our stay in Bandung. They felt like family to me, awesome hilarious brothers. Before arriving at the airport, the tour guide made his farewell speech.

Rendra apologized on behalf of the company if throughout this vacation ada yang kurang selesa, atau kurang puas hati. He also apologized kalau ada tersalah cakap atau terlebih gurau. Our travel agent, Datin Zana also apologized on behalf of our group if banyak songel or banyak complain :P #terasa.

We said our good bye and the bus dropped us at the airport at around 2 pm. We sat at the waiting room after going through all the security checks and immigration and waited for our flight. At 5 pm, we departed from Bandung through AirAsia Indonesia. The weather condition throughout our journey was not okay, thus we had to fasten our safety belts most of the time in the plane. It was scary, I tell you. I was praying in my heart all the time, especially during landing time because it took us more than half an hour just to land in LCCT Terminal.

Alhamdulillah, we landed safely at 8 pm, Malaysia time. Our vacation was over.

Good bye Indonesia.
Hello again, Malaysia.


 @ Kartika Sari. #ootd day 6.

 Gurl, look at dem bags!

 #sotd. Shoes of the day by H&M.

 Ruang menunggu @ the airport.

Me & my grandad. Jalan kaki je atas runway to enter the plane. Maklumlah, airport tumpangan sementara.

So, that's it. I had so much fun, I had a great time! Lots of awesome moments, inside jokes and definitely unforgettable experiences. I will savor this sweet memory for the rest of my life :')

Thank you for reading everyone!
I shall end this post with a picture of me, smiling widely.