Friday, April 4, 2014

Indo Vacay Part 3- Bandung



Ah, the long-awaited day has finally arrived. Highlight of day 5 in Bandung was shopping spree at the famous Pasar Baru and outstanding Angklung Show!

After breakfast at The Promenade Hotel, we got onto our tour bus heading over to Pasar Baru.

The night before, we were told by our tour guide that Pasar Baru is a very crowded place and that we should beware of our belongings. Pencopet or pick-pocketing is a widespread crime in this tourist-attraction shopping haven. Our tour guide also warned us to be suspicious towards everyone because he said that some of the 'pencopet' is among women/ibu2.

Upon hearing such info, all of us were terrified. We were also briefed that Pasar Baru is an eight-floor shopping mall with each level separated by category. Lower Ground- Pasar Basah (Wet Market); G-Blouse & Jubah; 1-Telekung; 2-Kain Ela; 3-Tudung; 4-Batik Wear; 5-Bags; 6-Shoes & Food Court; 7th and 8th Floor- Parking Lot and Surau.

Something like that la, tak ingat sangat. But you get what I mean kan? You can get EVERYTHING you would possibly need here! You can negotiate the price, some of them are friendly and welcoming but some of the penjual could be quite harsh and cold especially when you nego unreasonable price or you decided not to buy after negotiating. Memang silap besar ah.

Anywayss, so at around 9am we arrived at Pasar Baru. We were given 3 hours to shop before returning to the bus at around 12 noon. As soon as we stepped in the mall, we were shocked! It was nothing like what we expected. It wasn't crowded at all! In fact, it was amazingly pleasant to shop here. Maybe it wasn't as crowded as we thought because we arrived early in the morning, some shops haven't even opened yet :p As we waited for our bus to pick us all up at 12 noon, it was beginning to get crowded with human beings. Kinda stuffy and suffocating.

And biasalah, bila membeli-belah di negara orang kan, macam2 ayat promosi kita dengar. Antara yg common dkt Pasar Baru:

"Bunda, boleh belanja lagi bunda." = Mai akak, mai tengok mai beli.
"Ini harga dah murah bunda, harga awal Bismillah." = Harga first customer of the day.

And yang paling taknak kalah;
"Pecah telur"


First dengar masa dkt kedai telekung tgh tawar menawar harga:

Mama: Beli banyak ni, takkan tak boleh kurang lagi.
Penjual: Harga awal Bismillah bunda, pecah telur.


Penjual: Makasih ya bunda, dijual :)
While patting the money towards her safe-box, she said,
"Semoga diperbanyakkan rejeki jualan hari ini, Aminn."

Hmmmm. Okay...

Then ada la this penjual air came approaching us...
Him: Bunda, beli airnya. Belum pecah telur hari ini bunda.
To which my nenek sedara responded,
"Umphh, tak nak, mekasih. Tak habis2 pecah telur. Tinggal nak rebus telur je lg ni."

HAHAHAHAHA! Ye la, takkan kitorang nak kena pecahkan telur semua kedai kan? Kering dompet :P Baru je beli air, siap tgh minum lg time tu boleh penjual air dtg offer lg -.-" Waduhh, gawatt ni.

Okay, tutup cerita Pasar Baru. Lps bas sampai, kami dibawa ke Restoran Padang utk lunch and solat di Masjid Al-Kautsar. After that, we were brought to Adjo Academy to watch a 2-hour Angklung Performance. To my surprise, it was fun! Adjo Academy is a place where students of all ages were taught how to play the angklung. We were first entertained by beginners, then the show build up to teen students and lastly by professional senior students of the Adjo Academy of Angklung.

This academy has modernize the traditional angklung into a more practical one called Angklung Toel which is simply played by poking the ends, similar to the piano! The Angklung Orchestra left us all in awe! The harmony of angklung played at the side of other musical instruments like the electric guitar, gendang, seruling and my personal fav, DRUMS :D They even performed Viva La Vida-Coldplay!

And we were also taught by one of the Lecturer of the Academy how to play the Angklung. We were given 1 angklung each and were taught simple notes to follow. It turned out as a beautiful harmony with everyone playing their part of the song. The lecturer then told us, his father (Mr Adjo) started the Angklung Academy because not only that he wanted to nurture the traditional instrument into the hearts of younger generation, but also to bring harmony and togetherness just like what we've experienced that day, playing our own part of the whole song together.

It was BRILLIANT! I love it because music is very dear to my heart as well :')

After the show, the bus drove us to another shopping hot spot, Toko 3. Here, they sell original Levis jeans, denim clothing, sports wear (Adidas, Nike etc), branded shirts and T-shirts. If you're searching for good quality jeans, then look no further! Although it is quite expensive (still affordable if you ask me) trust me, looking at the brands, it's worth it. Armani, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss; you name it gentlemen. Toko 3 is definitely a place to shop.

For our last dinner here, we requested to eat Bakso! We had our bakso at a restaurant called Baso Malang Karapitan. I love it, it was delish! :) And that was the end of Day 5.

Day 6 (last day) of my vacay, to be continued...