Friday, April 4, 2014

Day 5 Pics

 Pics of Day 5 in Bandung! :D

  Kedai kain ela @ Pasar Baru.


 Juniors @ Adjo Angklung Academy. #Comel

 Seniors. Drummer was HANDSOME awesome! #eh

Gempak gilaaa this boy! Siap ada part solo. Kelasss gitu.


The waiter who served us that night was super good-looking. Haha ha ha.

 Me with my Bakso & Bubblegum Smoothies. #ootd day 5.
P/s Takda full body pic. Lupa snap haha

Yummayyy! Set Bakso Complete.

Bakso tu actually referring to the meatball. So we get to choose la nak letak apa in the soup. The one that I ate had keropok lekor, tauhu, mee and some kind of keropok rangup. Haha. I had 2 bowls that night :P Don't get me wrong, I finished mine and then my grandmother gave me hers. Weeee. Night.