Monday, March 31, 2014

Indo Vacay Part 2- Bandung

Hello lovely readers! Okay, the title says it all.

DAY 3- Bandung

We touched down at the Bandung Airport after more or less an hour of flight from Bali. The weather was not very good, I couldn't see anything through the window, but alhamdulillah we arrived safely. The airport was really small and we had to walk all the way from the plane's parking space to the airport building. We were told that the real airport was under renovation, so that explains it all.

We got onto our bus, running as we go because it was raining outside. Our tour bus was the easiest to spot from a distance because it was purple haha. We were then greeted by Mas Rendra, 31, our tour guide in Bandung :D He was this cheerful and humorous guy from Saffira Tour Company. After only a few minutes in the bus, all of us couldn't stop smiling and laughing at some adult jokes before they realize there's a few under age teens in the bus. To which they laugh even more. I did too, laughed a lot to the way he laughs :P

We were stuck in traffic or what they call "macet", so he told us some history of Bandung, about the houses we cross-by, the people there having flawless fair skin (no doubt!) because they practice herbal medicine (jamu) and the time zone being 1 hour behind Malaysian time. 

Then, we arrived at the Factory Outlet store to shop. We were tired and hungry so we didn't shop so much there. After an hour of waiting for the others, we hopped onto the bus once again and head to Sangkuriang restaurant for dinner. The food was nice, one aunty even bought the bekas nasi that they use there! And her husband joked about buying the whole restaurant itself :P Last destination of the day was our hotel The Promenade in Cihampelas. And while every other families were sleeping, we had some problems with our room and luckily managed to be transferred to a large an comfy family room at around 9 pm Bandung time.

 Restoran Sangkuriang

Our hotel room @ The Promenade.


We were awoken by the morning call at 4.50 am for Solat Subuh and we got ready for breakfast downstairs. Not a big fan of the breakfast because the choices were very limited, but its edible. 8.30 am, we got into the bus and headed to the famous Gunung Berapi Tangkuban Parahu which was 30 kilometers away. Our our way, Rendra told us the story behind the name of the volcano. Tangkuban in Indonesia means tangkup/terbalik whereas Parahu is perahu lah.

The legend has it that once upon a time, there was this princess who was banished from the kingdom to the deep forest by the king. Dayang Sumbi was in the forest with a guardian dog, Umang, who was actually a man cursed into a dog. After a long time in the forest, Dayang Sumbi gives birth to their son named Sangkuriang. He did not know who his real father is, thus one day, when her mother told him to find a deer's heart for them to eat. Sangkuriang did not want to let his mother down, he killed Umang and bring back his heart to her mother.

Her mother was enraged and chased him out. Around 10 years later, they met and fell in love without knowing that the women was his mother due to her timeless beauty by practicing jamu. Dayang Sumbi recognized her son and wanted to reject his proposal of marrying her. She told him to make the biggest perahu connecting 2 mountains (not so sure), in just one night. Sangkuriang called out all the spirits and devils to help him finish the perahu that night. Dayang Sumbi then made the signs of morning approaching which led the spirits to disappear.

Upon his failure to finish the perahu, he was rejected by Dayang Sumbi. He was so angry that he kick the perahu and perahu tu pun tertangkup dan terbentuklah GUNUNG TANGKUBAN PARAHU. The still-active volcano was a symbol of his everlasting anger. Once we arrived there, it was super misty and cold we could barely see anything ahead. We took lots of pictures there, the sight is beautiful! But the smell of sulfur from the volcano, bluerghhh. It was as if Sangkuriang fart all over it :P

Here are some pictures!

 Group photo of almost all of us :D

 Me with the scenery of the Kawah Gunung Berapi. My eyes (contact lenses) hurts so bad! #ashes

 The boiling kawah.

 Aina and Mora :D #ootd 4th day.
Notice how misty and cold it is up there?

 Pony rides along the way! Scary, ponies, ponies everywhere!

 They sell these cute beanies!
The weather got clearer later on.

The one and only, Rendra. Our tour guide :)

After that, we were brought straight to the Floating Market of Lembang! It was beautiful :D So the idea is they sell Bandung traditional food and drinks on their small boats. We have to change our Rupiah money into tokens to buy it. At the side, they provided wooden tables and chairs for us to eat. My mum bought some goreng pisang cheese (really famous in Indonesia) and jumbo vege and egg curry puffs and I bought myself a cendol. It was the most scrumptious cendol ever!Tiny bits of cendol but super soft, original gula merah and finely shredded ice.
Thats what I call a perfect cendol, ladies and gentleman.

Then we also dropped by a gudang tekstil (taktau nama),it was literally someone's house made into a gudang where kain2 baju was all over the floor. Haaa hambikk, duduk bersila pilih. Me, being my non-shopaholic self, decided to sit outside and have a Sirsak Es Lilin while making friends with a fellow Malaysian family there. In case you're wondering what on earth is Sirsak Es Lilin, it is simply a Durian Belanda Ais Potong. Hahaha, uuu fancy.

Afterwards, we had lunch at another padang restaurant and perform prayers there as well. The bus brought drove us to Grutty Mall to shop for shoes, bags, pants, shirts, dresses, EVERYTHING. When we came across the sight of the mall, the makcik2 and opah2 on the bus cheered loudly and clapped their hands. Shopping time!
I didn't buy anything there because I'm not a big fan of shopping. To me it's tiring, having to choose and browse through items after items. Plus, I don't need anything at the moment. So Y BOTHER? Haha :P At around 7pm (which dah masuk waktu Isyak, believe it or not), we went to have seafood dinner at PRAOE. By then, I could not bare to eat any more rice. That's all we've been eating since day 1 in Indonesia. Fortunate for me, they serve a plate of IndoMee and the opahs made me finish the whole plate. Yummmm!

Back to the hotel to freshen up and rest. Penat woo!

Floating Market!
These are the boats I mentioned earlier. They sell various traditional snacks and kuih.

Mushola pun floating youalls, kelasss.

My mum while waiting for her food!

Tadaaa! The pisang sooo big. This tastes better than it looks (Y)

Entry Ticket which we can claim with it a free hot drink, got myself Cafe Latte.

The three of us. I don't see any resembles.

 Gudang kain.

 Grutty Mall. Dah macam Legoland.

Dinner @ PRAOE. Ada Bumbu Sotong, Bumbu Udang, Ikan Bakar, Sayur Taugeh, Ulam-ulaman and sambal, but still IndoMee was my fav.

Day 5 and Day 6, to be continued.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Indo Vacay Part 1- Bali

Mora is home! So last week, I went on a vacation in Indonesia! And today, I'd love to share my 6 days journey in Bali and Bandung, Indonesia :D


Departed from KLIA to Denpasar Bali through Malindo Air. Our flight was delayed, so instead of arriving at 12.30 pm, we touched down at Ngurah Rai Airport in Bali at 2.30 pm. All 23 of us was then greeted by Pak Made who was our tour guide in Bali. We hopped onto the bus and went for a late lunch at a grill restaurant called Budesa.

Once we've done eating, we went to perform solat Asar and Zohor jamak at a very unique pusat ibadah in Bali. Bali is the only province in Indonesia where majority of the people (96%) is Hindu and only a small minority (2%) of Muslims. Therefore, they place a temple, a mosque and a church in the same compound, exactly neighboring each other. The rest of the Musolla (that we went to) in Bali was all located inside of Halal restaurants.

Alright, then we continued our journey to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park where we watched a live theater performance of the Traditional Hindu Myth. We had our buffet dinner at the GWK Cultural Park restaurant while entertained by an acoustic band. Checked in at the Kuta Central Park Hotel and sleep.

 Ngurah Rai Airport

 Lunch at Budesa

GWK Cultural Park. #ootd

 Live performance of Balinese dance.


After a very picky breakfast at the hotel, the tour guide brought us to Kedai Agung Oleh-Oleh Khas Bali, a gold and silver store, and Galuh Batik Store. The time and weather in Bali is exactly the same as in Malaysia, so it was boiling HOT. Once we've done shopping, we went through a long and terrifying journey all the way up to Gunung Berapi Kintamani. It took us 3 hours just to get there. We had a buffet lunch at a Halal Restaurant, performed solat, took a lot of pictures of the volcano, sight-seeing and managed to survive from a bunch of coerce street sellers (aka Zombies).

Then, we were brought to see the Rice Terrace which was basically paddy field grown on the hillside. Later on, we went all the way down again (another 3 hours) and arrived at Hawaii (another mall) to shop. That night, we had our Seafood and BBQ dinner on the famous Bali Beach. We watched the gorgeous sunset and took lots of photos. As soon as we reached our hotel, my grandmother, my mum and I went to the Spa in our hotel. Had myself a relaxing foot massage and day 2 was over.

Kintamani Volcano

 Rice Terrace


 Sun setting in Bali Beach

#ootd of 2nd day

Dinner tables on the beach. So romantic! :')

DAY 3 - Bali

So after checking out of our hotel, the tour bus brought us sight-seeing in Bali. We saw the location of "Bom Bali", the nightclub which was bombed and now is Ground Zero. The incident killed more than 50 Aussies and injured either permanently or temporarily the remaining people inside the club the night of the tragedy. Then, Pak Made brought us to the Kuta Beach, Beachwalk and Krisna to shop (again). Had a Sunda lunch at Pawon Pasundan before being sent off at the airport.

Said our thanks and good byes to the Pak Made and Bali. At 3.30 pm, we depart to Bandung through Lion Air.

 Swimming pool at the hotel

 Me, Mama, Aina. #ootd 3rd day.

 Our Tok! Indeed a very sunny day.

 Me mama @ Beachwalk.

Off to Bandung!

Alright, it literally took me 3 hours to write this post. Hahaha. So that's it for now. I will continue to update the rest of my vacay in Bandung when I have the time and energy and the urge to do so.

Enjoy :D Adios!
P/s Sorry for the long post :S

Friday, March 14, 2014


Mind soothing vacay

This coming school holiday, I will be going on a vacation to our neighboring country, Indonesia. 1 country, 2 destinations, one week and with the people I love which includes my grandparents!

It is gonna be my first ever overseas vacation with my atuk and nenek. My mum figured that since I will be pursuing degree soon (aminnn), might as well tag me along because nanti cuti semester tak sama and whatnot. #workingparents.

Anyways, hopefully dipermudahkan oleh Allah swt.

Risau jugak kan sbb skrg tgh hot issue missing flight MH370.
Tapi segalanya di bawah kekuasaanNya. Kita mampu merancang, Allah sahaja yg tentukan.


Buenos noches!

That nerve-wrecking day

Official STPM cert will be given this coming Wednesday, 19th March. To be honest, I am not so prepared.

Result is one thing, another thing is having to face/meet all of them again. My plan so far is to take my cert and go home asap. I'm not afraid of her. I'm just afraid of what I'll do to her. I am not a hypocrite. I am a straight up direct person. And sometimes, it is quite dangerous.

Prevention is better than cure.