Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The end

This week had been filled with tears. By now, the whole pail would be full, like literally.

I just got to know that my classmate had recently became my ex-boyfriend's current girlfriend.

Wow. Hebat sekali!

11 months. Almost a year. You of all people knew that we were in a relationship. And you accepted him?

"Alaaaa, Mora tak bagitau pun you break dgn dia."

Apasal? Senang kau nak caras? Memang nice la. It couldn't be so soon right? My other friends told me that you guys had something going on a long time ago. I was nothing. I was just a stepping stone for him. Congratulations, you guys did well.

Of all people in the universe that you could have, you picked him? You waited for him?

And you, dude. What? Trying to rub this on my face? Full of revenge, as if this was all planned against me. I've been really patient with "US". I tried but obviously you didn't. It hurts. It really does.

I know somehow you'll be reading this. After all of this, I know for sure that I don't want you anymore.

With that, I wish you two the best, semoga kekal ke jinjang pelamin. You guys look good together!

If today, you found each other;
that's the day that you two lost me.

Not that you'd even care pun kan.